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Yoga Gear 101

Everyone is doing Yoga so no one should be blamed for being a bit curious. There is certainly nothing wrong in trying something new. Especially if that thing has been raved about by a lot of practitioners. The first thing you need to do before going to battle is to find the right gear. And in this article we will look at what Yoga gear you need before you start your journey.

The biggest concern that you may have is budget. And that is definitely a valid one. Yoga has transcended from a tantric exercise into a whole fashion category. Companies know the kind of people who do yoga and they will surely want to capitalize on this rich demographic. But in the real world, this certainly is not always the case. While a few can afford to splurge on brand new top class yoga gear, we have to dig deeper to make sure that we get the right value for us. Do not forget that the price you pay for your yoga gear will be on top of the yoga class admission fee that you will be paying.

So, before I start scaring you off, there is some good news. You don’t really need much to start. The best way for you to begin doing Yoga is to practice at home before even stepping foot into a studio. This way you can decide whether the craft is right for you. In which case, you will need some advice on what yoga gear you should buy and that is what the rest of this article is for.

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Yoga Gear Essential Clothing

Yoga clothing has become a fashion category of its own. I do not know for sure when, but at some point the yoga attire has been used for more than just Yoga. And why not? They are comfy, breathable and show off your curves in a whole lot of different ways.

Like most things you wear, you might start worrying if you are underdressed or overdressed for the activity that you are doing. Thankfully enough, if yoga is indeed your purpose then it does not really matter how you look but if you are comfy in it. Yoga attires are supposed to be the epitome of comfort and should allow you to bend, flex and stabilize in the most challenging poses. Sure, there are a few dress codes that you have to adhere to but number one rule is to stay comfy.

Yoga Gear Pants or Shorts

You can choose to wear shorts or yoga pants. You really cannot go wrong with either as long as it gives you the full range of motion that you need. Apart from the common black, there are a variety of colors that you can choose from if you wish to mix it up a bit. You can have it in brown, navy or dark grey. Given the few color choices that you have been presented, you can then combine these with tops to suit your style. Remember that quality matters when choosing yoga pants or shorts. There are so many ways that a substandard pair could break if it is not stretchable or durable enough.

A common misconception about yoga gears is that you should wear tight yoga pants. This is certainly not the case. You only have to look at male practitioners to know that you can have looser options as well. Jogger style pants should allow you to bend and flex the way you need to. Make sure however to put an ankle elastic so it does not become a distraction.

Tights should still be the better choice as it gives you a fuller range of motion. But this does not mean that you can’t enjoy yoga either way.

A less popular option for women but a certain favorite for men is the shorts. Those who also want to try hot yoga should definitely consider wearing shorts instead. Just be sure that it is not too loose in case it hinders your movement.

Yoga Gear Tops

After deciding the pants you want to wear, you then pick the top to match it with. What you want to look for is a top that is form-fitting and make sure that it will not fly over. It can become an irritation if it keeps flying over your head especially if you are performing poses. You might also consider wicking the material. Yoga is an intensive activity which means that you will be drenched in sweat at some point. Hot yoga in particular is notorious for making people sweat buckets.

While you will want to be wearing something thin and breathable once the yoga class starts, this is not the case before and after. Be sure to pack something to cover you up to warm you against the studio’s air conditioning.

Yoga Gear Mat

What is perhaps the most recognizable equipment in yoga is the yoga mat. If you have no clue about yoga, you may underestimate the value that the mat gives. It is actually required in doing most of the poses. The mat has two important qualities which are sponginess and stickiness.

Sponginess means that the yoga mat will be able to stretch with you as you are performing the poses. This is probably the most important quality with stickiness as a close second. Yoga demands that you stretch your body beyond what you knew it was capable of so your yoga mat should be ready to do the same.

The next quality to look for is stickiness. This means that it has to allow you to pivot your part of the body that is holding the mat without slipping. A special kind of material is used to make sure that this is possible. If a mat is not sticky enough, it could result in an unsatisfying yoga session at best and an injury at worst.

Other qualities that you should also look out for is the thickness of mat and sturdiness.

Author: Lucy Hale

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