Published On: Fri, Dec 8th, 2023

ARC (Association of Related Churches) Shares the History of ARC Global

ARC (Association of Related Churches) is an organization that supports future ARC church planters by building relationships and offering training, coaching, and funding. ARC offers these supports both domestically in the United States and globally.

ARC has been asked multiple times over the years to expand its mission and reach to other pastors who wish to launch ARC churches in countries across the world. But until the last few years, the ARC United States Lead Team felt it didn’t have the appropriate expertise to approve and train ARC church planters outside of America. (After all, ARC was initially designed to help launch new churches in the United States.)

Today, all thanks to the hard work of its members, ARC Global has expanded and grown into an organization with reach in countries across the globe.

cross on top of church photo/ Heather Truett via pixabay

Explosive Growth Ahead

In February 2011, Bill Hornsby, who led ARC during its initial 10 years, gave what would be his last public message on behalf of the organization. Hornsby was instrumental in not only starting ARC but also in leading its worldwide growth.

In that message, Hornsby said he had visualized a picture in heaven of ARC exploding in growth in the years ahead. After hearing God’s message through Hornsby, all in attendance cheered for the future vision of ARC.

Two months later, Hornsby unfortunately passed away. But his vision did not fade. In fact, ARC began to experience new levels of growth, transforming and expanding into what is now known as ARC Global.

A Wider Reach

ARC Global’s focus has been slightly different than ARC United States. Instead of launching individual ARC churches, the mission was to launch ARC “networks” in other countries. These networks would plant and fund their own churches and then be connected back to ARC United States as part of the larger family.

The first ARC Global church launched this way in Ireland. Andrew McCourt led that effort, helping to assemble an ARC network in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. In the time since it started, Ireland’s ARC network has established a strong lead team that has helped plant six new life-giving ARC churches.

ARC Canada launched shortly thereafter. That network has since planted 23 ARC churches, with 70 churches in total giving to the mission. Other networks followed in Australia (with nine churches and a few campuses) and South Africa (15 church partners and six ARC churches).

Next came a network in Asia (a non-public ARC network that has planted 28 new ARC churches) and interest in Great Britain and Brazil.

Carrying the Spirit of ARC

There are some ARC church planters who don’t have an official network but are still part of the ARC Global family. They’ve helped to carry the spirit of ARC by promoting life-giving ARC churches, being generous, and contributing to intentional church growth, which fuels change in their respective countries.

This has led to life-giving ARC churches being planted in Colombia, France, Romania, Germany, Italy, Congo, the Dominican Republic, and Trinidad—just to name a few. In 2023 alone, ARC planted seven new churches outside of the United States.

About ARC (Association of Related Churches)

ARC (Association of Related Churches) represents a collaborative network comprising independent congregations from various denominations, networks, and backgrounds. Its primary mission is to provide essential support and resources to church planters and pastors, enabling them to effectively share the teachings of Jesus Christ. ARC’s operational approach revolves around empowering and equipping church leaders, thus helping them foster the widespread dissemination of Christ’s life-changing message. Established in 2000, ARC has evolved into a worldwide entity and has played a pivotal role in facilitating the establishment of over 1,000 new churches globally. 

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