Harvey Weinstein’s Wife to Get $15-20 Million in Divorce Settlement
TRANSCRIPT: Oprah Winfrey’s Golden Globes Cecil B DeMille speech New ‘Blackish’ episode teaches racist ‘white guilt’: ‘White women will buy that like Oprah’s selling it’ Diddy and Curry Show Interest in Buying Carolina Panthers
Star Wars Episode VIII’: Carrie Fisher had finished her scenes for a ‘larger’ Leia presence
Discovery Channel airs John Glenn tribute tonight Rapper Lor Scoota calls for ‘Peace in the Streets’ at rally, gunned down an hour later ‘Star Trek’ star Anton Yelchin dies in bizarre car accident
‘Roseanne’ reboot to include ‘non-binary child’ named Mark who is ‘sensitive and effeminate’
Netflix’s Sex trafficking show offends activists: there are NOT ‘Baby prostitutes only raped children’ ‘The Gifted’ season 2 approved at Fox, Bryan Singer no longer involved Celebration of science in Silicon Valley at the 6th annual ‘Breakthrough Prize’: airs December 3
Harvey Weinstein’s Wife to Get $15-20 Million in Divorce Settlement
Kevin Sorbo recounts being groped by Gianni Versace, ‘Casting couches have always been around’ Channing Tatum, Amazon offer up ‘Comrade Detective’: a disgusting rebranding of Communist Romania for their snowflake audience Hollywood racism: ‘Hellboy’ casts Ed Skrein as Asian American character, Ben Daimio
New ‘Logan’ image, poster puts Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine in the sunlight
Hugh Jackman teases the first look at ‘Wolverine 3’ as filming has wrapped and he’s ‘very excited’ ‘Wolverine’ star Hugh Jackman says ‘I’m a Christian’ and discusses his faith Final ‘X-Men Apocalypse’ trailer reveals Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, Jennifer Lawrence taking the lead
Socialists in France partner with Hollywood for massive tax loopholes to film ‘Dunkirk’ ‘Jackie’ ‘MI6’ ‘Captain Underpants’
‘The Mummy’: Russell Crowe doesn’t speak kindly of working with Tom Cruise ‘The Mummy’ plane crash details emerge, Tom Cruise blamed for ‘vomit comet’ filming ‘The Mummy’ reboot filming with Tom Cruise, Annabelle Wallis, Courtney B Vance cast
Jennifer Lawrence offers up vulgar, disgusting analogy for nude photo hacking, how it was ‘unbelievably violating’
Jennifer Lawrence ripping out her heart in ‘mother’ movie poster is offensive Mother’s Day event Final ‘X-Men Apocalypse’ trailer reveals Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, Jennifer Lawrence taking the lead SDCC 2015: Bill Murray makes first appearance, promotes ‘Rock the Kabash’ meet Jennifer Lawrence
New ‘Beauty and the Beast’ TV spots show Emma Watson’s Belle meeting the enchanted castle
‘Beauty and the Beast’ footage reveals Emma Watson, Luke Evans and Josh Gad Josh Gad wraps ‘Beauty and the Beast’ with Luke Evans photo ‘Frozen’ star Josh Gad joins ‘Beauty and the Beast’ film with Kevin Kline, films in May
Johnny Depp offers ‘lame’ apology for Trump assassination comments
Johnny Depp faces backlash after joking about President Trump assassination Johnny Depp’s finances, spending goes viral on Internet: millions on Hunter S Thompson’s ashes, staff, security, travel ‘Pirates 5’ ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’ details emerge: Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow helming the Dying Gull, avoiding Javier Bardem’s Salazar
Jeff Goldblum says ‘Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom’ role is small
‘Guardian of the Galaxy’ star Chris Pratt quotes Psalms in post regarding star on Hollywood Walk of Fame ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 2’ to deal with Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord’s father, Mar-Vell rumored Chris Pratt confirms ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 3’ and two cameos
Skillet announces 2017 ‘Unleashed’ tour dates across America
Skillet debuts ‘Stars’ music video as the single hits number one Skillet’s ‘Unleashed Tour’ adds more dates in Europe, Russia, starts in September Check out Skillet’s new music video: ‘Feel Invincible’
Samaritan Ministries partners with Winter Jam as a sponsor, offers health care sharing
Capitol Christian Music Group earns 10 Grammy nominations: Hillary Scott, Crowder, Hillsong, Lauren Daigle Britt Nicole’s new self-titled album will arrive October 7 Amy Grant’s ‘Tennessee Christmas’ to arrive October 21

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