Published On: Wed, Aug 26th, 2020

Summer and Graphic Tees

Summer is all about looking cool and feeling cool. Depending on where you are living summers can be extremely hot! So you don’t want to wear too many layers. You are going to most likely be at pool parties, beach days, and most likely social settings where you are going to be seen by a lot of people. A graphic tee can be a lot of things which we are going to talk about. But the first thing is let’s talk about situations that would best fit a graphic tee.

Graphics tees are meant to look chill and stylish. Although graphic tees can mean a plethora of things. You can actually go from extremely casual to somewhat formal with your graphic tee. It really all does depend on the situation and environment that you are going to want to go to.

Different types of graphic tees that you can wear

Band tees- Band tees are probably going to be the most popular type of graphic tee.  You can pretty much spot one wherever you go. So why are band tees so popular? It’s much an expression of the band and the interest in that band. Have you ever worn something maybe with a band or some type of logo and someone has come up to you and complimented it? That’s pretty much one of the perks of wearing a band tee you can connect with others who like the same thing. Now we should just tell you, If you are going to wear a band tee you should probably know about the band. It could be kind of embarrassing if someone was to come up to you and you don’t have any clue who the band even is. If you are looking to wear a band tee for the “fashion” aspect of it maybe still do your research. 

Graphic tanks- Tank tops are especially essential to the summer heat. And getting that full arm tan. Your graphic tank can look however you want. Now your graphic tank usually is going to go with shorts you want to make sure that your tee is not too long but also not to tight unless you are wanting to go for the tighter look. Guys If you are going to be at the beach or at the pool make sure that you take off your shirt periodically so that your tan lines are not too bad! 

Custom tee- Want to ensure that you will be the only one with a certain look? You can actually customize your own graphic tee. Create a look that only you will have or a look that you can match with your friends. You can either go to a print design shop where they will help you come up with a design and print it on a shirt or if you have the materials you can actually do it. Creating your own shirt not only saves you money, but it also promotes creativity.

Types of pants you can wear?

You can pretty much pair any type of pant with a graphic tee again it really all depends on the situation you are in. If you are looking to go more for that casual look you should definitely do a small print design with Jeans of your color choice. When we say small print design we are meaning that in some cases you might not want a shirt with a big design. It is more flashy. 

You can do the extra casual comfortable look with a print and some shorts. Again short preference is up to you. Pair it with some sandals for that summer relaxed look.

No matter what you do decide to pair your graphic tee with, just make sure that you enjoy your summer with your friends and make some amazing memories.

Author: Jacob Maslow

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