Published On: Fri, Apr 12th, 2024

Beyond Salary: What IT Candidates Look For Nowadays?

Typically, when IT professionals embark on the hunt for new job opportunities, their priorities reflect the changes of the tech industry. They now prioritize aspects such as a positive team atmosphere and the nature of the projects they will be engaging with. Additionally, the flexibility to work remotely and the company’s standing in the IT community play important roles in their decision-making process. These priorities point to a shift towards a more holistic approach to career development, focusing on work culture, personal growth, and work-life balance alongside traditional incentives like salary and benefits, making hire IT professionals a bit more difficult than it ever was.


Team Atmosphere

Applicants prioritize a welcoming leadership and a collaborative team environment, sensing these dynamics even in initial interviews. It’s crucial for team leaders to establish a positive rapport with candidates, a skill not inherent to all, particularly those new to leadership. To bridge this gap, we facilitate preparatory briefings and subsequent feedback sessions to ensure clear, friendly communication. This nurturing atmosphere is often what attracts and retains top talent.

  • effective communication;
  • mutual respect;
  • supportive leadership.

Creating a positive team atmosphere is key to fostering a productive and innovative workspace where everyone feels valued and motivated.

Technology Stack

For developers, the technology stack used by a company is a key element of the job, influencing their ability to innovate and grow professionally. While it might not hold the same weight for analysts and testers, developers look for environments that challenge them and allow for exploration of the latest technologies and methodologies:

  • cutting-edge technologies;
  • opportunities for innovation;
  • professional growth.

An engaging technology stack not only challenges developers but also contributes to their continuous learning and mastery of new skills.

The Project Itself

The nature and challenge of the projects assigned are key to attracting IT professionals. They seek roles that promise engaging work on projects with developmental appeal, offering chances to solve complex problems, innovate, and make significant contributions to the company’s success and the tech community at large:

  • innovative projects;
  • problem-solving opportunities;
  • impactful work.

Working on meaningful projects gives IT professionals a sense of purpose and fulfillment, driving their passion and dedication to their work.

Remote Work Option

The demand for remote work flexibility has never been higher among IT candidates. They value the ability to blend work with personal life seamlessly, looking for companies that support this balance through remote work policies. This flexibility not only meets the modern workforce’s expectations but also expands the talent pool beyond geographical constraints:

  • work-life balance;
  • geographic flexibility;
  • increased productivity.

The option for remote work is becoming a cornerstone of modern employment, offering freedom and flexibility that is highly prized by IT professionals.

That’s It?

What about salary and benefits? While these are important, competitive salaries in the IT sector are common. With multiple offers in hand, professionals can afford to choose a company with more intriguing challenges and a better team fit, even if it means a slightly lower pay.

IT Hunting with Huntly

In the quest to hire IT professionals, understanding their priorities is crucial. Huntly simplifies this process, connecting businesses with talented individuals who match their specific needs, from team dynamics to project challenges, ensuring a seamless integration into the company’s culture and technological environment.

Author: Alex Matsola

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