Why ‘The Great Revolt’ correctly describes the evangelical support for President Trump

While the 2016 presidential election results may have been shocking, particularly for supporters of Hillary Clinton and the mainstream press touting with confidence that a President Clinton would be returning to the White House for four years, knowledge of the electorate should lessen the actual surprise.

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Salena Zito and Brad Todd’s new book, The Great Revolt, explores the shift from Obama voters and Obama controlled districts to Trump supporters, even if that vote was reluctantly achieved.

One of the biggest surprises was the overwhelming support of Christians for Trump, beginning with the primary in Iowa, continuing and growing through to the general election.

From the Billy Bush audio to the mocking of a disabled reported to the shaming of Carly Fiorina and the sexist insults towards Megyn Kelly, Christians were (and rightfully so) worried about the President and supporting him would reflect on their own Christian witness and reputation.

Zito and Todd explore the Midwest, visiting districts in Wisconsin, Iowa and Ohio to interview these Obama supporting Christians who pulled the “lever” for Trump.

What could explain the shift? Are these just a bunch of closeted Nazis (as Donny Deutsch stated) or is there something else?

In their depiction of these “King Cyrus Christians,” readers of The Great Revolt learn the truth: the risk of the Hillary Clinton campaign outweighed the “pagan” and “hedonistic” behavior of the boisetrous New York billionaire who was once a regular on the Howard Stern Show.

Issues such as religious freedom, the Iran deal, future Supreme Court picks, abortion and economy were all listed in this chapter. I couldn’t agree more, because that was me.

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During the 2016 campaign, my family and I supported Ted Cruz. There was a divide at my church and conservative friends over Marco Rubio and even John Kasich, as we all witnessed the media fawning over anything Trump did for ratings.

One thing was clear, NO ONE is these circles were interested in Hillary Clinton’s rhetoric, hollow promises or continued avoidance of personal responsibility for the corruption surrounding her past (the email scandal, the handling of Benghazi, the Russian uranium deal and Bill Clinton’s sexual escapades). It wasn’t really ONE of these things, but the collective – we know who Hillary IS and how she’d govern.

Nearing November, my family held a meeting and decided against voting for President Trump and deciding to cast a vote for the Constitutional Party candidate, simply as a representative of what we wanted – a shift towards to values and principles in the U.S. Constitution.

We just couldn’t trust what Trump would do…it was too unknown.


The Great Revolt confirms the debate that most Christian voters was having, publicly or privately: could we vote for Donald Trump?

Pastor Paul is quoted in the text, expressing his bigger picture worry for society, the “lack of strength, of virtue, of standing up for a belief system and values and religious liberties.”

For some, one of my closest friends, it was simply the Planned Parenthood factor.

A vote for Hillary was a vote to kill a ton more babies.

Maybe you believe the protesters at the Women’s March, wearing female genitalia hats and spewing profanity filled insults and vitriol, but most Christians adhere to a belief that conception equates to life. Hillary didn’t run as the candidate for women, she ran as the candidate for LEFTIST WOMEN. Conservative women like Megyn Kelly or Carly Fiorina have betrayed other women by siding with the GOP.

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I was really moved by the words of Julie Bayles in the book, she sounded like the women around me, the women at my church…even my wife at times. Then there was Mike Pence and the trade off was made.

Pence was an evangelical, a man of faith and strong pro-lifer. Even if Trump didn’t follow suit, it was a move many were able to make.


In hindsight, after the events of the last couple of weeks, it’s hard NOT to see how the Supreme Court nominations mattered more to voters. It’s mentioned in The Great Revolt during some of the interviews, but it was a huge issue for me in 2000 – a pivotal issue actually.

I was transitioning away from the runaway train of progressivism where there was, and is, no end to the endless changes sought by the left. Abortion used to be “safe, legal and rare” but the RARE is long gone from the conversation.

One arena which really mattered for me was the judicial branch.

With that said, I cringed as Trump mentioned his liberal sister for a potential nominee. I was something I couldn’t get past.

Obama’s pick of Merrick Garland, billed as a moderate, was laughable once you examined his anti-second amendment track record. I knew this was a key issue, I just couldn’t trust Trump, but others did and I can relate to the motivation.

I can’t fault my Christian brothers and sisters for their “transaction vote” in 2016. SCOTUS matters and that was indeed felt in 2018 as the alarms have sounded in the wake of Justice Kennedy’s retirement.

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Some people were really hurt by President Obama’s policies, particularly Obamacare. The Great Revolt goes where the media did go – to the people, telling their stories.

Obamacare cost people their health care or pushed the prices extremely high. Death panels are real, the prices skyrocketed and some businesses were negatively impacted. This translates to votes for Trump.

Trump promised a “repeal and replace,” something the Congress couldn’t deliver, but his vow to cut regulations was, and is, very appealing for many voters. Expansion of Obamacare and the pressure of the mandates made for pressure points for Trump.

Turn on CNN or MSNBC and everything about Obamacare and President Obama’s tenure is great. If you don’t agree, you are a racist in their eyes. The Great Revolt casts light on the story behind these voters and it certainly is NOT rooted in race.

Obama also insulted a ton of people as well. Those in the Midwest were appalled by his quote: “They get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

Were voters supposed to believe the shrill former Secretary of State was going to be different?

Marketing “four more years of Obama policies” was not what many voters were interested in supporting.


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The irony is all of this is the aversion of the media to excuse away the negatives of Clinton as a viable option.

Trust me, there is a reason Gary Johnson drew more voters away from the liberal side of the aisle than the right.

If there was a “Great” revolt, it was against the media — a media bent on attacking President Trump and his supporters without any intellectual honesty. Chris Matthews made Mussolini references on inauguration day.

It’s hard to imagine the liberal press reading The Great Revolt and taking it to heart.

The book is amazing and ACCURATE (IMO), breaking Trump Nation into six other subgroups with catchy nicknames like “Blue-Collar Blues” and “Rotary Reliables.”

Maybe these voters will be attacked as racists, but were they racist when they voted for Obama?

The Pittsburgh Gazette makes this claim: “This may be a cross-section of Trump voters but not of Americans” – completely dismissing the diversity inside of these families as NOT DIVERSE ENOUGH.

Some coverage of the book join the Clinton narrative of popular vote: “Clinton’s margin in the popular vote, 2.86m, nearly matched the magnitude of George W Bush’s win in 2004,” without noting her landslide support in New York, California, Massachusetts and Illinois to give her that spread. InvestorRead the which crunched the numbers too: “Clinton’s overall margin looks large and impressive, it is due to Clinton’s huge margin of victory in one state — California — where she got a whopping 4.3 million more votes than Trump.”

A conclusion that the distrust of the media, the echo chamber life on the left and the growing distrust of the media unite this new Trump base is 100% accurate. I’ll go further, IT’S ACTUALLY GROWING.

Like the non-Trump supporting Ben Shapiro, now I’D VOTE FOR TRUMP. So will my family.



Policy matters more than twitter. Neil Gorsuch matters more than a feud with Kathy Griffin. Tax cuts and recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital matters more than his attacks on Elizabeth Warren.

The media can’t help but creating a culture of anti-Trump, hyperbolic analysis of the WRONG topics. What is said matters MUCH LESS than what is done!

TIME Magazine using “fake” photos on their cover or portraying Trump as Hitler is NOT going to help the left…but it will motivate the right.

The midterm is shaping up to be a shock for the left.

Maybe if the don’t reclaim the Senate or the House they will pick up The Great Revolt and learn something….ah, not likely.

Before he even takes office, Trump is Hitler to the left


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