Published On: Tue, Jun 7th, 2016

Gary Johnson agrees with Sanders on ’73 percent’ but the ‘other 27 percent is a pretty big deal’ to socialists

While Wall Street Journal editorial board pointed to the Gary Johnson/Bill Weld Libertarian ticket as an “honorable alternative” for the anti-Trump and anti-Clinton voters, Johnson appears to be reaching out to supporters of Vermont Senator and socialist Bernie Sanders. The former New Mexico governor said that he agrees with Sanders 73 percent of the time.

“Of course I side with myself 100 percent of the time, but interestingly, of all the presidential candidates, I next side with Bernie Sanders at 73 percent,” Johnson said Tuesday on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal.

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donkeyhotey donkeyhotey.wordpress.com

“Now that’s the side of Bernie that has to do with pro-choice, pro-marriage equality, let’s stop with the military interventions, that there is crony capitalism, that government really isn’t fair when it comes to this level playing field. Legalize marijuana—look 73 percent of what Bernie says I agree with—we come to a “T” in the road when it comes to economics.”

Check out the clip below.

Johnson goes on to say that if we had a “fair system of economics,” we would do a lot better under a true free market system than socialism, which is the Sanders’ platform,

“Libertarians agree with socialism as long as it’s voluntary, but when it’s forced—that’s tyranny. So, that’s the libertarian perspective, but I think there’s so much in common that—just factually speaking…take a look—take a look Bernie Sanders supporters. Take a look at who you next side with.”

Steve Benen for MSNBC is quick to harp on the differences to warn off Sanders voters: “For Sanders supporters who care even a little about progressive policies, the Libertarian nominee offers a misguided pitch. Sanders, for example, is a staunch supporter of a minimum-wage increase, while Johnson doesn’t believe the minimum wage should exist at all. Sanders criticizes the NRA and supports expanding current restrictions on guns, while Johnson wants the opposite.”

He concludes: Johnson may see ’73 percent’ agreement with the senator, but it appears that other 27 percent is a pretty big deal.”

Some are just surprised that Johnson is reaching out the socialist and not the Never Trump crowd. His open border, pro-choice, pro-pot stances have driven off many from evangelical and GOP circles and the former Republican Governor offers little for Democrats.

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