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Trump’s support with Republicans grows as SCOTUS pick could secure more midterm voters

President Trump is hated by the mainstream press, with CNN unleashing a biased reporting that is unprecedented, and yet the Republican support for Trump continues to grow.

Ahead of his second pick for the U.S. Supreme Court, President Trump is primed to shock Democrats again in November, with incredible (and surprising support) during the beginning of his presidency.

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According to a recent Gallup Poll, Trump’s support among members of his own party at the 500-day mark of his presidency sits at 87%, second only to George W Bush’s 96%, which came nine months after the September 11 World Trade Center attacks.

NPR’s new article quoted Mike Davis, chronicling the voter’s shift from reluctance to joy.

“I love what he’s doing with international relations. I love what he’s done with the tax code. I love what he’s done with the appointment of judges,” said Davis. “And to be honest, those three things trump everything in my mind, no pun intended.”

Trump has been branded as divisive as the media hypes the exodus of Arizona Jeff Flake or the outrage from the Alt-left on immigration and the absence of gun control.

Bill Maher discussed “civility” with Ben Shapiro, mocking the Conservative host’s move towards Trump as joining “Team Treason,” referencing the Mueller probe into alleged collusion with the Russians during the 2016 election. It’s noteworthy that the hyperbolic reporting and false allegations along the way have push the GOP to support Trump more.

From July 2017 to April 2018, according to a Monmouth Poll, support for continuing the Russia probe among Republicans has declined from 35% to 18%, dropping nearly 10 points over the last month.

Midterms usually brings doom for the incumbent party and a recent study from the Pew Research Center found Democrats are more enthusiastic about the midterms than Republicans, but Democrats are faced with a crisis in their own right.

This Newsweek cover caused a stir over socialism, but the new rhetoric may be even scarier

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has taken the mantle from Bernie Sanders as the face of the socialist arm of the Democrats with her surprise win in New York. She has been elevated to quasi-celebrity status and poured gas on the “Abolish ICE” fire, which currently drives the Alt-Left protests.

The new buzzword is “Democratic Socialism,” a term coined by Lenin to express the drive from from socialism to communism. Bret Stephens at the New York Times writes that “‘Democratic socialism’ is awful as a slogan and catastrophic as a policy. And ‘social democracy’ — a term that better fits the belief of more ordinary liberals who want, say, Medicare for all — is a politically dying force. Democrats who aren’t yet sick of all their losing should feel free to embrace them both.”

Later he adds: “…a Democratic Party seriously interested in defeating congressional Republicans in the fall and Trump in 2020 isn’t going to win by turning itself into a right-wing caricature of the left, complete with a smug embrace of whatever it conceives to be ‘socialism.’”

So why is tonight important?

Trump’s second SCOTUS pick may energize EITHER side.

In “The Great Revolt,” a new book analyzing Trump coalition of voters, the shift of Obama voters to Trump voters in key districts and why certain demographics turned out to elect Trump, one key theme is present: the “right wing” watches and cares about the Supreme Court. (More below)

Most the recent rulings on religious freedom, free speech, mandatory union dues…even Obamacare – were all 5-4. If Trump selects a strong conservative, right of Justice Roberts, the leanings would be 6-3 and the LEFT will be outraged, motivated and convinced they must turnout, stop Trump, possibly impeach the 45th President.

If he makes a “moderate” the next addition to the court, as Justice Kennedy was viewed, then Trump will hear outraged from some right-wing corners of the party.

Trump is a bigger factor in midterm preferences — positive or negative — than any other president in the last three decades, according to Pew’s research. Trump’s name may not be on the midterm ballot, the question is whether the coalition he built will stay together in November. The next pick for the Supreme Court will steer public opinion quite rapidly.

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The Great Revolt breaks the Trump “coalition” into seven main categories:

Red-Blooded and Blue-Collared

Jobs. Jobs. Jobs. Obama’s regulation and aggressive attitude towards white-working class Americans opened the door for Trump to win over this faction. Jobless after 2007, the alleged “auto bailout” and Trump’s commitment to focus on jobs has worked well with this group.

Record unemployment and a surge in manufacturing jobs should reinforce this group, but keep an eye on the tariffs.

VERDICT: Strong, mild growth. SCOTUS pick – low impact.


The new voters were excited by the “circus” aspect of Trump, growing to a massive 6% of his base, according to the text. Various motivations drew this group out of the shadow. Trump benefits greatly from staying the course on conservative policy.

VERDICT: Steady, growth unknown. SCOTUS pick – no to low impact.

Rough Rebounders

The “setback” voters who were attracted to Trump as a “fighter” and someone outside of the system battling for more than Washington interests and self-preservation. People in this group are motivated by various issues, so Trump has done a great job of fueling continued support. While Congress didn’t repeal and replace Obamacare or secure gun ownership, Trump has not wavered. The economy is going along well.

VERDICT: Secure. This hodgepodge group could move over various issues, particularly the economy, but Trump seems solid here. SCOTUS pick low to moderate impact.

Girl Gun Power

Women interested in the second amendment, owning a gun for self-defense or enjoyment, has grown under President Obama and Hillary Clinton’s anti-gun rhetoric drove this group to Trump. The media overreaching after Parkland, attacking every gun owner as evil, will certainly benefit Trump overall. Whether that washes down to the midterm races remains to be seen.

VERDICT: Very secure. The SCOTUS pick could matter if there is a second amendment “issue” or concern.

Rotary Reliables

The solid GOP voters, loyal to the Republican Party long after Trump’s presidency, still have major issues with Congressional Republicans. Failure to repeal and replace Obamacare may be an issue for some, as well as the budget spending.

VERDICT: SCOTUS picks will surely play very strongly for this group.

King Cyrus Christians

Evangelicals in particular, who looked past the faults of the President, especially in his personal life, focusing on a risk analysis to justify the “transaction” of voting for Trump. Full analysis HERE

Trump benefited greatly from the recent SCOTUS rulings.

VERDICT: Very strong, extreme growth and impact of the SCOTUS pick could be HUGE in this group.

Silent Suburban Moms

The media shamed women into being silent for supporting Trump. After 2016, the situation has gotten worse. Maxine Waters calling leftists to arms and teenagers being “attacked” for wearing a MAGA hat is NOT going to bring these voters into the light. The rhetoric from Hollywood, the women on the The View and lectures from the Women’s March will certainly strengthen this group for Trump.

VERDICT: The choice for SCOTUS really could move this group. They are likely locked in for the GOP, but Trump could really cement this pick with composure and a focus on message rather than smut.

“Unfit. Dangerous. Even for Republicans.”

Is that true?

Is that what these voters have gotten with Trump?

Tax cuts, rolling back Obama executive orders, Gorsuch, negotiations with North Korea: which of these fit that accusation?

Based on the candidates for SCOTUS, Trump will secure blocks of voters with his pick, but certain Judges may have greater appeal over others. No matter who he picks, the left (with MSNBC, CNN and the NY Times leading the way) will be outraged and speak in hyperbolic terms.

That hyperbole will prove to be their undoing if they’re not careful and a repeat of 2016 could arrive in November.

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