Published On: Tue, Dec 13th, 2016

Time names Trump ‘Person of the Year,’ adding ‘devil horns’ which is praised by liberals

Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in November in part by attacking the bias of the media and skewed treatment of the GOP. Now TIME Magazine has honored the President-elect, but the photo has been called into question as the New York businessman’s head is aligned with the TIME logo to appear as horns.

Twitter users quickly scanned the cover, noticed the peculiar way the magazine’s title was positioned over the president-elect’s head.

“Are those devil horns?” several users asked.

“Given all of the sets of eyes that vet a prospective Time cover, the odds that those Devil Horns are accidental: 0%.” tweeted David Hobby @strobist.

“There was some hubbub online Wednesday over TIME’s new Person of the Year cover, which appeared to show Donald Trump sporting a set of horns (This sort of thing has happened before),” Time magazine explained in a statement online Thursday morning.

donald-trump-time-person-of-the-year-magazine-cover-devil-hornsGiven the shape of the “M” in the magazine’s name, many figures in the past have also appeared to sprout extra features, the magazine joked.

“It’s happened to Hillary Clinton at least twice. It’s happened to Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush, too.”

Here’s the recognition of Trump from TIME: For all of Trump’s public life, tastemakers and intellectuals have dismissed him as a vulgarian and carnival barker, a showman with big flash and little substance. But what those critics never understood was that their disdain gave him strength. For years, he fed off the disrespect and used it to grab more tabloid headlines, to connect to common people. Now he has upended the leadership of both major political parties and effectively shifted the political direction of the international order. He will soon command history’s most lethal military, along with economic levers that can change the lives of billions. And the people he has to thank are those he calls “the forgotten,” millions of American voters who get paid by the hour in shoes that will never touch these carpets—working folk, regular Janes and Joes, the dots in the distance.”

hitler-time-magazineSlate notes a Nazi reference, referencing Twitter, Helen Rosner observes that London-based photographer Nadav Kander incorporated aesthetic flourishes from 1940s studio portraiture: a “Kodachrome palette,” “over-the-shoulder physicality,” lots of shadow, and luxurious props.

“Maybe the point of these ’40s tropes is to suggest that Trump, as promised by his hat, out of which he talks, will renew the “Greatest Generation.” Maybe it’s to imply the opposite: that the PEOTUS is a Nazi. (Certainly something about the chair and the just-so angle of his head—what one colleague terms his “evil coquette look”—evokes Time’s 1938 Mensch of the Jahr.)”

The Guardian dug in deeper with the post: “Time didn’t give Trump devil horns. God Did.”

Here’s their remarks:

Of course the editors of Time did not intentionally give Trump devil horns. God did. This is, fears Bolochs, one final sign before the Antichrist is inaugurated as president in the New Year. If you’ve seen the Omen series, you will know how far the devil is prepared to go to get his offspring into high political office. Yet in Omen III Damien only became an ambassador. That’s more the level of Britain’s Nigel Farage than his boss Donald Trump.

Wait, this is all wrong. I was trying to see the funny side. Now I am shuddering. The corny notion that a magazine set out to show Donald Trump as the devil, as if the editors of Time were likely to practice radical photomontage in the style of the German anti-Hitler artist John Heartfield, has wings – demonic bat wings, naturally – because that expresses the extremity of fear and unreality many of us feel about this man’s rise to power.

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