Published On: Thu, Dec 8th, 2016

Fitness trends for 2016 – It’s high time you stick to your New Year resolutions!

Did you resolve during 2016 New Year that you’ll get more active this year? Well, you would be rather alarmed to know that a staggering 65% of such so-called New Year resolutions turn to the wayside just after 6 months, as per reports from the University of Pennsylvania. You may have even done away with your gym membership but do you realize that a warm weather and an amicable environment can yet again be the ideal time to rejuvenate your fitness regime?

US Army Flickr photo

US Army Flickr photo

Getting fit and staying fit seems to be the ultimate craze right now and that too for all good and worthy reasons. Not only staying fit involves improving and boosting your health but it also plays a role in helping you stay happy and lead an active life; and if happiness is a serious issue for you, you might consider how BetterHelp explains reasons you should hire an online psychiatrist.

Depending on your abilities and goal, improving your level of fitness can mean different things where you can start off initially with marathon training; then try some physical activities and finally take some long walks through your neighbourhood.  

Starting off with what your body can handle

Before you move ahead of yourself, you need to start off with only that much what your body can handle. Accomplishing your fitness goal should be seriously taken as a New Year resolution. If you’ve been continuously failing to achieve your goals since the last 2 years, this is high time you change your mindset. Here are some tips to keep you motivated.

  1. Make yourself ready to achieve success: First things should always be given priority and you should be fully prepared with anything that you may need to kill your new workout. Find out a gym or a running course where you could start planning your attack and ensure having all the necessary things. For fitness machines like spinning bikes, elliptical and rowing machines, make sure you first go through the various reviews online such as these rowing machine reviews before investing your dollars on an expensive machine.
  2. Switch up your workout sessions: Unless and until you’re someone who is training for a specialty sporting competition or a marathon, carrying on with the boring old workouts can drain away your motivation. Another easy solution is to add diversity to the kind of workouts you prefer. If you choose to exercise in the comfort of your home, try doing those which best suit your body.
  3. Make workout and fitness a way of life: Only setting temporary weight loss goals for a high school reunion or an approaching wedding won’t help you. Once you’re done with the event, you tend to slip back to your bad habits. Start inculcating healthy habits to complement your workout so as to fuel your body with enough nutrients.

Though we have hundreds of reasons and excuses to neglect our workouts, none of them are as vital as taking care of our personal health. By including the 3 tips mentioned above, you can gradually make yourself ready to adapt to any workout regimen for regaining a healthier self.

Fitness trends to watch out for in 2017

Though it is true that fitness fads seldom stay but there are some real trends which show the evolution of exercise. Have a look at what is hot in the fitness industry in 2017.

  • Fitness wearable gadgets: Sales of wearable devices throughout the world soared in 2015 and 2016, much more than 2014 and it is predicted that it climb even higher in 2017 as per the International Data Corporation. With the increasing demand, the race is amidst the manufacturers to grab as many wrist-based trackers as possible.
  • Heart rate monitors: There is yet another craze among people to listen to their heart even beyond their workout sessions. There are number of gyms which offer participants with heart rate monitor to improve zone-training. This has been the reason behind the popularity of indoor rowing machines, treadmills and weights. So this is the madness behind the heart-rate monitoring devices.
  • Butt-kicking workouts: These are workouts which teach you to kick some butt like MMA, boxing and martial arts and such workouts are poised to multiply in 2017. Thanks to the heavily engrossing movie, The Avengers which inspired the comeback of martial arts and there’s no wonder why people are learning and testing their skills of self-defense, coordination, power and balance.
  • Functional fitness: Yet another result of the ACSM survey is that functional training is also experiencing a huge boost due to the new-found interest in bodyweight training. Functional fitness means improving strength, balance for regular activities, coordination and other specialized functions. Functional training is extremely versatile and this allows exercisers to go through unlimited workouts which target the core movement needs.

The little-known benefits of fitness training and personal workouts

So we see that people throughout the world are gradually paying more attention towards their health and are shifting towards obtaining perfect physical shape. But what are the benefits of such workout sessions and fitness training? Here are some that you may take into account.

  • Improves resistance power: Such activities like workout sessions improve the resistance of the body to damages and diseases which may lead to aging. You may witness effective improvement in the resistance power of your body and hence you will no longer be vulnerable to diseases. You can also get more energy and a boost to your stamina level.
  • Raise metabolism rate of your body: Increased metabolism will mean your body will use more calories per day. With age, metabolism slows down and when you increase your metabolism rate through daily workout, you can achieve weight loss. Maintaining a level of metabolism will keep the body from storing fat.
  • Strong and toned look: When you exercise daily, you get a toned and strong look for your body and this heightens your attractiveness and health. Regular exercise can restrain the symptoms of menopause, reduce the vulnerability towards heart diseases and also keep a check on cholesterol levels.

There’s a saying which says ‘health is wealth’ and if you really go by this saying, you have to be proactive about taking care of your health by following regular fitness regime. Take into account the above mentioned facts on health and fitness and base your decisions on the same.

Author: Jimmy Simond

photo Parenting Patch via wikimedia commons

photo Parenting Patch via wikimedia commons

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    Two month already has been passed, but still you have time to start your workout and adopt a healthy fitness lifestyle to achieve success in life.

  2. FitnessCAW says:

    Thanks for sharing opinions. I am on high level of adapting such improvements this year.

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    People always make new year resolution but never complete it!

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    Thanks for sharing these insights!
    I am starting to do workout for health improvement as part of year 2017 resolution. This would really help me

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