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WWE Smackdown Live Results September 10 2019

WWE Smackdown Live is from Madison Square Garden in New York, New York this week. The Undertaker returns to Smackdown and Madison Square Garden tonight. WWE has announced that Elias will be unable to compete due to injury, which leaves questions surrounding his King of the Ring Tournament Semifinal Match with Chad Gable. All this and more, including WWE Champion Kofi Kingston and Roman Reigns, in the final show before Clash of Champions.


Quick Match Results

The Miz vs. Andrade: The Miz wins by Pinfall.

Nikki Cross vs. Mandy Rose: Nikki Cross wins by Pinfall.

Heavy Machinery vs. Johnny Silver and Alex Keaton: Heavy Machinery wins by Pinfall.

Bayley vs. Ember Moon: Bayley wins by Pinfall.

King of the Ring Tournament Semifinal Match
Chad Gable vs. Shane McMahon: Chad Gable wins by Pinfall and Submission.


The Undertaker In Ring

Undertaker says this has always been home, referring to Madison Square Garden. Sami Zayn interrupts and says Undertaker should leave the ring and the future of WWE to him. Undertaker starts to leave, but turns to Zayn and delivers a Choke Slam.





Shane McMahon In Office

Shane McMahon talks to Chad Gable and reveals that Gable will have an opponent tonight and it could be someone from RAW or Smackdown, and even someone who has already been eliminated.


The Miz vs. Andrade with Zelina Vega along with Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura on Commentary.

The Miz wins by Pinfall after the Skull Crushing Finale. After the match, Shinsuke Nakamura attacks The Miz, finishing him off with the Kinshasa.


Shane McMahon and Chad Gable in the Locker Room

Shane McMahon reveals that Chad Gable will be facing “The Best In The World” Shane McMahon in the Semifinal Match for the King of the Ring Tournament.


Nikki Cross with Alexa Bliss vs. Mandy Rose with Sonya Deville

Nikki Cross wins by Pinfall with a Roll Up.


Heavy Machinery Backstage

Otis and Tucker are getting their protein in preparation for their match.


Bayley and Ember Moon in the Locker Room

Ember Moon doesn’t believe beating Becky Lynch down is elevating the Smackdown Women’s Division. These two will settle it in the ring tonight.

Heavy Machinery (Otis and Tucker) vs. Johnny Silver and Alex Keaton

Heavy Machinery wins by Pinfall after The Compactor.

Shane McMahon In Office

Shane McMahon offers to repeal the $100,000 fine on Kevin Owens if Owens will referee the match between McMahon and Gable tonight “correctly”.

Erick Rowan In Ring

Erick Rowan says he is a mastermind and takes orders from no one. As Rowan mentions Roman Reigns, Reigns makes his way to the ring. The two men fight around the ringside area and into the fans. Suits, security, and officials come out to stop them, and Rowan Powerbombs a fan onto Reigns and security. They continue to fight up to the stage where Rowan ultimately hits Reigns with a camera jib.



Bayley vs. Ember Moon along with Charlotte Flair on Commentary

Bayley wins by Pinfall after the Bayley-to-Belly Suplex. Charlotte Flair enters the ring to applaud Bayley and taunt her before their match at Clash of Champions.


WWE Champion Kofi Kingston In Ring

Kofi Kingston hearkens back to ten years ago in Madison Square Garden when he and Randy Orton fought all around the arena and Kingston put Orton through a table. Orton comes out near the crowd with a microphone calling Kingston stupid again, coaxing Kingston out to him. Orton attacks Kingston with a chair, and the two fight in the crowd. Kingston gets the chair and gains control. Kingston ultimately sets up Orton on another table and drops through them from the railing, just as he did ten years ago.


King of the Ring Tournament Semifinal Match
Chad Gable vs. Shane McMahon with Special Guest Referee Kevin Owens

Chad Gable wins by Pinfall after the German Suplex, but Shane McMahon then makes this a 2 out of 3 Falls Match. Chad Gable lands a Moonsault and goes for the pin over McMahon, but Owens doesn’t count the three. Chad Gable wins the seconds fall by Submission with the Ankle Lock. Shane McMahon attacks Kevin Owens from behind after the match, then says Owens is fired while attacking him again.


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