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Oil and Gas Industry Support

When oil prices plunged during the second half of 2014, dropping nearly 60 percent over seven months, it triggered a restructuring in the oil and gas industry, and many companies had to reduce overhead to stay afloat. Reducing payroll by letting expensive engineers go was one of the tough decisions many oil and gas companies made at that time.

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As the industry stabilized, companies faced the need to regain the expertise they lost to layoffs. Rather than rebuilding their internal teams, however, they began to draw their engineering expertise from external vendors. As that shift played out, Wajax emerged as a top option for innovative, effective, and cost-efficient engineering solutions in the oil and gas industry.

“When we saw our customers cutting their knowledge base, we saw we could help them by building ours,” says Iggy Domagalski, President and CEO of Wajax. “We grew that part of our business massively, developing our knowledge capabilities so we could provide businesses with smart people who can solve problems and add value to the products they utilize to do their work.”

Wajax has been the driving force behind Canada’s industrial landscape for over 165 years. Founded in 1858 as a small blacksmith shop in Montreal, Wajax now serves more than 30,000 customers from 119 branches across the country. The company’s commitment to empowering its customers through creating meaningful connections has made it one of Canada’s longest-standing and most diversified industrial products and services providers.

“The technology that drives today’s oil and gas industry is often complex, requiring the type of programming and integration that only skilled technicians can provide,” Domagalski explains. “Wajax provides those products as well as the expertise needed to make sure they work as intended, supporting our customer’s operations and promoting their business goals.”

Providing products and services that minimize downtime

Minimizing downtime is important in any industry. After all, lost production translates to lost revenue and can threaten customer loyalty.

In the oil and gas industry, the stakes are especially high when it comes to downtime. Maintaining efficient, uninterrupted operations helps oil and gas companies to minimize their environmental impact. Downtime can also create safety risks, creating situations that threaten the stability of systems.

“We know maximizing uptime is critical for our customers,” says Domagalski. “That’s why we have worked hard over our long history to establish partnerships with world-class brands providing awesome products that deliver optimal uptime. From giant mining excavators to tiny bearings and everything in between, we supply businesses with products that keep them up and running. We focus on providing high-quality products that run longer and more reliably because we know how damaging downtime can be.”

According to Domagalski, Wajax also helps businesses minimize their downtime by making its expertise available whenever and wherever it is needed. “We are coast-to-coast, from Vancouver Island to the tip of Newfoundland,” he explains. “With over 3,000 employees at 119 Wajax branches across the country, we can get a technician to you quickly, 24/7, no matter where you are.”

Developing customized programs that support peak performance

Preventive maintenance has become a foundational practice in the oil and gas industry, empowering companies to address potential issues before they manifest as problems, as well as reducing downtime caused by equipment failures and extending the lifespan of equipment. By preventing equipment failures, preventive maintenance also reduces the safety hazards that can result from those failures.

Wajax’s oil and gas experts assist clients with developing customized preventive maintenance programs that ensure equipment can achieve peak performance. The service includes modeling and simulation exercises that identify the processes needed to optimize performance, and if custom components are needed, Wajax’s engineering team can design and fabricate them.

Supporting optimal performance for electric motors, generators, and rotating electromechanical components is a key focus of the preventive maintenance Wajax provides to oil and gas businesses.

“Performing out-of-schedule maintenance on those components is expensive,” says Domagalski. “In addition, failures can have devastating repercussions on employees, communities, and the environment.”

To prevent failures from happening, Wajax offers operational reliability assessments, vibration analyses, and predictive services to identify maintenance priorities. Its analysis is used to develop plans and programs that support local maintenance teams as they work to provide maximum system reliability.

The long-term success Wajax has had supporting the oil and gas industry flows from its commitment to be much more than simply a supplier of products and services.

“Our purpose is to create meaningful connections that empower our customers and contribute to the greater good,” Domagalski explains. “We know getting the job done requires having the right equipment, products, and people supporting you every step of the way. We see ourselves as partners committed to ensuring our customers have everything they need to do the important work they are doing.”

Author: Rohan Singh

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