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WWE RAW Results and Review December 10 2018 : Bowen’s Botches and Bodyslams

WWE Monday Night RAW is from the Valley View Casino Center in San Diego, California for the last show before the TLC Pay Per View. Alexa Bliss has announced a Q&A with RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey and her challenger at TLC, Nia Jax, and Bobby Roode and Chad Gable will get a chance at the RAW Tag Team Championships in a 3 on 1 Handicap Match against the Authors of Pain and Drake Maverick.


Show Opener with Seth Rollins In Ring


Seth Rollins Backstage


2 on 3 Handicap Match for the RAW Tag Team Championships
Authors of Pain (Akam and Rezar)(c) and Drake Maverick vs. Bobby Roode and Chad Gable

Bobby Roode rolls up Drake Maverick for the Pinfall victory to become the New RAW Tag Team Champions.


Bobby Roode and Chad Gable Backstage


Natalya In Ring


Drew McIntyre vs. Dolph Ziggler

Drew McIntyre wins by Pinfall after the Claymore Kick. McIntyre continues to attack Ziggler after the match. Backtage officials come out to stop McIntyre, but he delivers a final kick to Ziggler while he is down before leaving.


Bayley with Sasha Banks vs. Alicia Fox with Jinder Mahal and Samir and Sunil Singh

Bayley wins by Pinfall after the Bayley to Belly Suplex. Apollo Crews came out in the middle of the match to even the odds against the men at ringside.


Dean Ambrose Backstage


Elias In Ring


Elias vs. Lio Rush with Bobby Lashley with Heath Slater as the referee

Lio Rush wins by Pinfall after Bobby Lashley smashed Elias’ guitar over his back. Bobby Lashley interfered early and intimidated Heath Slater into letting him do it without Disqualification.


Alexa Bliss Q&A with Nia Jax and RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey


Ember Moon with Ronda Rousey vs. Tamina with Nia Jax

Ember Moon wins by Pinfall after the Eclipse.


Intercontinental Championship TLC Match
Seth Rollins (c) vs. Baron Corbin with Heath Slater as referee

Seth Rollins wins to retain the Intercontinental Championship. Heath Slater interfered, pushing over the ladder when Rollins was about to win. Rollins then put Corbin through a table and hit Slater with a Superkick before obtaining the belt. Dean Ambrose came out to stare at Rollins as the show closed.



  • The first hour was filled mostly with talking, and the second match of the night was starting just before the second hour. We start with Seth Rollins talking, then Baron Corbin, then more Rollins backstage. We get the Tag Team Championship Match, then Roode and Gable talking backstage. Then it’s Natalya talking, then Ruby Riott talking. Then Drew McIntyre is talking before we finally get his match against Dolph Ziggler.
  • Natalya and Ruby Riott’s angle feels flat at this point, mostly because it gets very little time even though it has been a persistent story. When it finally got time this week, the segment was drawn out and disappointing.
  • The Q&A is undoubtedly the worst segment of the last two weeks, and the announcement of bringing it back was infuriating. The good news is that the Q&A segment didn’t happen.The bad news is that they let Nia Jax have too much microphone time again.



  • Seth Rollins said what the fans have been thinking, except Baron Corbin is not really to blame. He isn’t helping, but he isn’t the real decision maker. Of all the of the long-winded promos, this was the best one of the night. Seth stands out more than usual with the RAW roster decimated by health issues of one form or another.
  • Apollo Crews stands to benefit from Finn Balor’s absence, getting to team up with Bayley in the Mixed Match Challenge and have more time on television. Hopefully he can seize the opportunity.
  • Seth Rollins vs. Baron Corbin was a great TLC Match to lead us into the Pay Per View. They told a great story and the match was exciting. This main event closed the show well and creates positive momentum for RAW to improve.


RAW hasn’t come around to fixing its biggest problems, but they are definitely making an effort. Seth Rollins’ promo to open the show was an acknowledgement from WWE that the show has been horrible, and having him get the mic time and open the show is itself an improvement. But there is still too much talking and not enough wrestling. The creative team should take some advice from Elvis Presley and try “a little less conversation, a little more action.” They also need to be more aware of who should be doing all the talking. Natalya and Nia Jax are great in the ring, but they just don’t seize attention on the mic. That’s okay, everyone has strengths and weaknesses. It is the role of creative to put these people in the best position to succeed. Neither of these women are going to succeed on the mic and not fighting. Nia Jax is part of the wrestling world buzz because of her fist, not her mouth. Let her be a dominant force who lets the wake of carnage from plowing through the Women’s Division do her talking for her. Seth Rollins has the audience eating out of his hand. Nia Jax has people going to the concession stand. Alexa Bliss could have carried the segment, but she didn’t get to say a word. This is the kind of poor planning that is causing the show’s problems. The performers are doing their best with what they are given, and they need to be given what makes them their perform best. More of those opportunities are occurring, and momentum is changing in a positive direction. After this TLC Pay Per View WWE has the opportunity to head in a new direction and work toward a new plan with who is available, and this show was the beginning of that.

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