Published On: Tue, Jun 3rd, 2014

Judge rules to allow gay adoption against the request of the parents

Britain’s sneior judge ruled against biological parents this week, allowing a gay couple to adopt a child, despite the request to honor their religious preferences.

The parents, who are a Slovakian Catholic couple, were seeking to stop two of their children from being adopted to same-sex couple noting that they have been and should be brought up in the Catholic faith.

Gay pride american flag“The children will not be able to be brought up in the Catholic faith because of the conflicts between Catholicism and homosexuality. They would not be able to maintain their Catholic faith if they are adopted by this couple and even if it was promised that they would attend church the children would at some stage be taught or learn of the attitude of the church to same sex couples. This would undoubtedly be upsetting to them and cause them to be in conflict between their religion and home life”, they argued.

“If as expected our children will try to find us and their siblings and roots, then they will discover huge differences between our culture and the way they’ve been brought up. This is likely to cause them great upset and to suffer a conflict within themselves such as to set them against their adoptive parents”, they continued.

The father has confessed to beating the children and the police also reported that the kids were left alone late at night, they missed many school days and medical appointments, and they were generally “dirty and unkempt.”

This couple did not visit baby S regularly in the hospital after he was born, nor did they feed him regularly after he was discharged. Social services has been involved since 2011, monitoring and evaluating the couple.

The judge, Sir James Munby, rejected government officials’ argument that this attitude is “bigoted,” writing that “the label is unnecessary and hurtful.” But, he upheld a lower court ruling that “the children’s welfare needs ‘outweigh’ the impact that adoption would have on their Roma identity.”

He noted that the pair have “made their life in this country and cannot impose their own views either on the local authority or on the court,” Munby wrote.

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  1. Normandy says:

    This is a big duuuh. A couple irresponsibly gets knocked up and cant afford their kid so they give it up. Now they think they can dictate who adopts it? absurd! keep your lesg closed, lady!

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