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Top 3 Choir Church in Media

Everyone has a favorite part of church services. For some, it’s the sermon. They look forward to the stories and parables that help them navigate their lives. For others, it’s having a place to network and make new friends that share their same values.

These are both great, but my favorite part of church has always been listening to the choir. I love singing along. I love crying at the children’s choir when they sing Christmas songs. And I love when a rock band plays faith-based music to get my foot tapping.

In this list, we’re going to take a look at some of the best representations of church choirs in books and movies. If these are new to you, do yourself a favor and check them out! If, afterwards you find yourself as energized and excited about joining a choir as I am, you could take the time to look up a choir church near you so you can get involved for yourself. 

Number Three: The Fireman

This novel by Stephen King’s son Joe Hill focuses on the feeling people share when they sing together. In this post-apocalyptic story, a group of survivors has banded together to form a new community.

Something happens to these people whenever they get together and sing. They begin to glow and then to blaze with fire. The feeling of community and love that grows in them as they sing provides them with a Godly protection, keeping them safe from the flames they are engulfed in. Click here to read more about the benefits of singing – from lowering your blood pressure to improving the function of your immune system. 

This book really captures the feeling of being connected to a higher power that listening to or participating in a church choir offers. That’s what makes it the number three pick.

Number Two: Joyful Noise

In this movie from 2012, Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton star as two members of a church choir. This isn’t just any choir, they’re a competitive show choir. In the beginning of the movie, the two women have their differences. Each of them has their own ideas about how the choir should be run.

As you might expect from a movie about two women of faith, Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton learn to respect each other’s differences. Together, they are able to not only bring glory to their choir, but to help their children and grandchildren, too.

Full of great performances, Joyful Noise will have you tapping your feet and singing out loud!

Number One: Sister Act Two

You might be wondering why the sequel to Sister Act made our list. Sure, the original movie is great. Whoopie Goldberg brings her talents as a Motown-singing Reno headliner to a convent and helps them turn their choir around.

With her guidance, the church goes from a few parishioners to overflowing, all because people are drawn to her unique arrangements on church classics.

While it’s a great movie, there’s something about the sequel that really gets me moving.

In the movie, Whoopie is brought back to her friends, the nuns. Even though she has moved up from Reno to a big successful Vegas show, she hasn’t forgotten the people who brought her there. So, when she finds out that the nuns are teaching at her old school, she has to go back and help.

She takes over the music class. One of the students is played by her real-life daughter! Another is played by musician Lauryn Hill. Ms. Hill does a great job portraying a student torn between her love of singing and her mother’s expectations of her.

Even though her mother reminds her that “Your father died still trying to make it as a singer,” Hill’s character cannot resist the chance to help save her school and showcase her talent. Click the link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_choral_festivals to find out more about competitions and see if there’s one near you.

Together the kids and nuns raise money to travel to a national competition. They practice night and day until it is time to compete. There is an exciting chase sequence, followed by some great performances by the other choirs. There are a lot of talented young people given their chance to shine.

Then it’s time for Whoopie’s group to take the stage. Dressed in their nineties best, they sing and dance unlike any other group and it brings them to victory. The arrangement is great, the singing is phenomenal, and the message can’t be beat.

Hopefully this list will provide you with hours of family-friendly entertainment. Sing, dance, and be inspired. And then when you’re done, you might find that you would like to find a choir of your own. Be like Dolly Parton and let your voice be heard!

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