Published On: Tue, Nov 21st, 2017

Joss Whedon can’t rescue ‘Justice League’ as DC Comics’ heroes don’t mesh yet

The worst aspects of the DCCU is the villains. Even as the adventures move forward a Brainiac will likely seem like an Ultron knockoff and Darkseid will be a version of Thanos or Apocalypse (see the X-Men franchise.)

DC is trapped in their own mythology and there is no daylight yet.

Even the post-credit scene falls flat was Luthor teases a “villain team of their own” but fails to use the phrase: Legion of Doom.


Marvel wastes high profile actors on disposable villain roles (Cate Blanchett being the latest in Thor: Ragnarok), but DC/Warner lowers the bar on wasted talent.

Jeremy Irons, Diane Lane and even Amy Adams to a much lesser extent, are all reduced to pointless pawns. Sure, the non-superpowered characters were likely to take a back seat, but some more interaction between Bruce and Alfred which MATTERED could have saved the Affleck performance.

There is a great setup after Superman returns as the Man of Steel hugs Lois and Martha approaches. Why wasn’t there a “You called my Mom?” joke is beyond me.

The film seems to be purposefully separated from the comic book universe. There just aren’t enough nods for die-hard fans. Adding Danny Elfman’s classic Batman music was nice, but I’m talking about deep rooted comic book references to some of the great material. Wouldn’t that POSSIBLY make sense and sell of back issue or two?

With a ton of material surrounding the rebirth of Superman, the resurrection of the hero totally contradicted the ending to BvS. If the coffin is empty we can cue a ton of jokes for the Flash and set up a more believable Supes in a BLACK COSTUME.


Sorry CBR, it’s NOT that I don’t understand the resurrection of Kal-el, IT’S JUST DUMB.

“The comic books brought Superman back to life in a solitary manner, something that he accomplished simply thanks to his heritage. But the movie managed to turn it into a team effort, something that was truly appropriate and quite inspired in a film titled Justice League. This is something that led to Clark quickly recognizing Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman as his new friends and this, in turn, led to a solid team dynamic made only stronger thanks to the return of Superman,” they wrote.

No, Superman should NOT have been in the coffin, was recouping in his Fortress of Solitude and could easily have forged a story to both unify the team and present a hero who could “get his powers back.”

Let’s face it, once Superman is back at 100%, the rest of the team is irrelevant.


Justice League hasn’t even crossed the $300 million mark globally, so the fate of future films could be in jeopardy.

Meanwhile the company may be facing a serious legal battle as the AT&T merger with Time-Warner is going to be challenged in court by the Department of Justice — stock prices for the companies are going to take a big hit.

I want success and there are moments. Zack Snyder needs to move on and Warner needs to have a long sit down with Patty Jenkins, Joss Whedon and Matt Reeves to create united tone and vision.

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