Published On: Tue, Nov 21st, 2017

Joss Whedon can’t rescue ‘Justice League’ as DC Comics’ heroes don’t mesh yet

As I stated there is plenty of action and eye candy for the audience, but Snyder proves once and for all that he’s the most overrated director in Hollywood. At least Michael Bay doesn’t try to pretend to be something deeper or thoughtful.


There is a quick rescue in London and Gadot’s Wonder Woman proves to be an engaging heroine that we want to cheer for. DC Comics is a gallery of God-life heroes who want to lead and protect humanity. Man of Steel and BvS totally missed the point here and delivered dark, brooding and moody characters which weren’t much more likable than the villains.

Batman continues to be sullen, arrogant and at odds with his backstory. A motivated to avenge the murder of his parents would be focused, passionate and clever. If he wasn’t he would have been killed long ago.

Affleck’s Batman was pretty entertaining in BvS, but is overmatched here against Steppenwolf’s army and offers little to nothing to the Justice League.

Fans will come away from Justice League wanting another Wonder Woman film and dreading the direction of the franchise for The Batman and Justice League 2.

Warner needs to grab the reigns and decide which version of Batman they want. Batman in most JL comic books wouldn’t head into a battle against Steppenwolf with a clear, articulated plan for victory, one so tricky that the villain and the readers don’t see it coming. Snyder and company don’t seem able to deliver that yet.


Why was Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) rambling in BvS about the “coming” and obsessing over alien tech if it was going to be so irrelevant to this film?

Steppenwolf is just a sequel to the dreadful Ares (David Thewlis) character in Wonder Woman. Collider writes “I was expecting Steppenwolf to be dull and easily disposable, but I didn’t think he would be this atrocious. I assume he’s CGI because no actor in their right mind would play such a forgettable antagonist…”

One of the brilliant aspects of DC Comics is that the villains are all interwoven across all of their titles. There was no reason to keep Luthor on the bench.


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