Published On: Sat, Feb 6th, 2016

Jon Bernthal talks Punisher in ‘Daredevil’ season 2 and the skull logo

The Walking Dead star Jon Bernthal is as straight a shooter when it comes to acting and projects he’s been on and now Bernthal gets to play the Punisher and literally pull the trigger in the second season of Marvel/Netflix’s Daredevil.

“I think any time that you play a character, you can’t think about it in those terms. I think what attracted to me so much about this show in the first place was Season One when Charlie [Cox] was able to accomplish… it’s not a superhero show. It’s a show about a human being going through unbelievable circumstances,” Bernthal said to CBR News and press during Netflix’s presentation to the Television Critics Association.

“He created a completely nuanced and rich character. I think that was my job here, was to try to get to the bottom of why this man is on the mission that he is on, and to delve into that as fully as I possibly could.”


Bernthal praised the writers and discussed how he dove into Marvel’s source material as prep to bring Frank Castle to life.

“You can’t get too entrenched with the storylines that you love because then you just want to put that — it’s not my job to write the show. But yeah. Look, Garth Ennis and the Punisher MAX series was huge for me. That’s just in my line of what I dig, and that’s the iteration of the character that resonated the most with me… It’s not a superhero show. It’s a human show.”

Jon Bernthal  from "The Walking Dead"  season 2 photo Shane giving Carl a gun photo/AMC

Jon Bernthal from “The Walking Dead” season 2 photo Shane giving Carl a gun photo/AMC

Comparisons were made to Terminator, Punisher being a man of few words, before Bernthal talked about donning the iconic skull logo.


“You know what man, I hope you don’t take this as being political, but every step along with way with this, I feel such an enormous — I’m extremely humbled to have this job. It’s an extraordinary honor for me. I take it as a responsibility the same way I would representing any soldier. This is a character that resonates deeply in the military and law enforcement. People have gone into war for this country with the Punisher logo attached to their armor, attached to their uniforms. That’s something that just really resonates with me and it goes right into my heart…So as to those decisions, I divorced myself from all wanting this. My only want is to do the best job we possibly can to honor the character and to do it justice, and to pull no punches.”

Check out the extensive interview, fully published by CBR – click here

Daredevil will arrive on March 18, 2016.

Jon Bernthal as Shane in The Walking Dead gun crazy face

daredevil-season 2 promo poster

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