Published On: Tue, Oct 12th, 2021

Why are some celebrities treated differently?

The world has become more sensitive. Jokes at the expense of those of different races, religions, sexual orientations, and even women are tolerated far less than in the past. This type of humor has been discovered in the past, sometimes distant, of many celebrities. The ultimate consequences for each of them vary, from mere embarrassment to the loss of employment. Most celebrities who find themselves in this position issue an apology which may or may not help their situation. Decisions are usually made by their employers.

Jimmy Kimmel

In 2020, it was brought to light that television host Jimmy Kimmel had done several sketches in blackface in the 90s. Kimmel had also done impressions of black celebrities such as Karl Malone and Snoop Dogg. Kimmel apologized for the sketches, admitting he should have done so long ago. He retained his job as host of NBC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Jimmy Fallon

Another NBC personality, Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon, also apologized in 2020 for offensive sketches performed in his past. While a member of the cast of Saturday Night Live 20 years ago, Fallon performed in a sketch where he impersonated Chris Rock while wearing black face. In issuing his apology, Fallon thanked the public for holding him accountable. NBC also kept Fallon in his hosting job.

The Jeopardy Fiasco

Another recent accusation of celebrity insensitivity occurred around the search for a new host of the game show, Jeopardy. The passing of Alex Trebek left a void that initially, Sony Pictures Television, the company that produces Jeopardy, decided would be filled by executive producer Mike Richards. Richards hosted the first week of season 38 and did an outstanding job.

Richards was called out by a section of overzealous woke activist for what were perceived to be inappropriate jokes made on a podcast show nearly a decade earlier. Despite publicly apologizing, Richards himself decided to step down as Jeopardy host after shooting the first week. Sony then released him as executive producer on both shows.

Rachel Nichols

ESPN NBA reporter and host of the show The Jump, became embroiled in a controversy when remarks she made in a private phone call were made public through a recording of the call. In the call, Nichols who is white is heard saying that ESPN personality Maria Taylor was given her own program during the NBA finals because she is Black. Nichols also commented on ESPN’s less-than-stellar record of diversity. Nichols apologized for the comments on The Jump, but in the end, was let go by ESPN.

James Gunn

Screenwriter and director James Gunn wrote the screenplay for the third of the Guardians of the Galaxy pictures and was slated to direct. Disney became aware of several tweets written by Gunn that joked about rape and pedophilia, placing them in a humorous vein not merited by such serious crimes. Despite having apologized, Gunn was fired as director. Disney later reversed its decision and rehired Gunn to direct Guardians 3. When it comes to a blockbuster film, Disney leaves nothing to chance when protecting its profit margin.

Jokes that no one thought twice about in the past are now not tolerated as they offend the butt of those jokes. People are digging into the pasts of many celebrities. The consequences are not the same for all. Mike Richards chose to step down as the host of Jeopardy but was fired as executive producer. He was not a recognizable public figure as Kimmel or Fallon and hadn’t helmed films that made millions as had Gunn. Nichols, though popular didn’t generate revenue the way the rest do. They were all retained because they draw viewers. Money talks. It’s always been that way and sadly, there is no equality in how celebrities who have engaged in offensive material are punished.

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