Published On: Thu, Sep 24th, 2020

EDR Security Best Practices

Endpoint detection and response (EDR) deals with securing the outboard devices connected to a network. While this is something organizations didn’t have to deal with 20 years ago, it’s going to become an increasingly important concern. Knowing the best practices for these tools can help enterprises use them in the most effective way. 

What Is EDR Security?

The way networks are configured is one issue that’s contributing to the increasing need for EDR security. In the past, networks were entirely contained and defined by on-premise systems. These were run through servers and applications housed on-site at an enterprise. Along came the cloud and a whole new way of building networks and sharing data. 

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Devices (endpoints) are no longer confined to the walls of an office. People take them home. They use them at work sites. The cloud has created a whole new way of doing business. But it has also brought along a big problem: How do enterprises secure their networks now that they’ve become more decentralized? 

EDR security is one answer to this question. 

In essence, EDR security is a way for IT teams to identify and isolate threats before they become catastrophic. Some estimates say about 7.5 septillion (that’s 75 followed by 20 zeros) gigabytes of data are created every single day. The vast majority of this data goes unused; but that doesn’t mean it’s safe to the enterprise. Organizations must be able to cut through the noise of all this data creation to see what’s safe and what poses a threat. EDR tools help enterprises find these threats as they occur, which can vastly improve the odds of fending off malicious attacks. 

What Are EDR Security Best Practices? 

As with any enterprise-grade tool, there are right ways and wrong ways to implement EDR security protocols. The following are some best practices every IT team and business should consider when looking at EDR security tools:

  • Employee training, education, and permissions are as important as anything. Too often enterprises get IT security tools and relegate their implementation entirely to the teams that use them most. While not every employee needs to be an expert in EDR security applications, everyone with access to an endpoint needs to be on the same page. Otherwise, your organization is going to be more prone to threats. Education and training should be mandatory, continuous, and complete. Many people aren’t going to see the value in doing this. But that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done. Social engineering is still one of the most dangerous threats to enterprise security today. Unfortunately, it’s so effective because it takes advantage of human nature. Education, training, and keeping employee permissions only at the necessary level can limit risk. 
  • Have a plan before something goes wrong. If you don’t know exactly how to react when a threat surfaces, it’s probably already too late. EDR security tools are useful to enterprises because they facilitate rapid responses to security issues. This is only going to serve you, however, if you actually know how to react in that scenario. Run through simulated outcomes. Create orders of operations. Build your network security in a way that will allow you to respond to attacks fast, and without having to log into every enterprise account. 
  • Use EDR security tools as a complement to other applications. There are lots of network security services and vendors out there today. EDR security is a fantastic way to enhance your enterprise’s defenses, but it’s not the only thing you need. Make sure you have a full lineup of network security features, including antivirus, firewalls, patch management, and others. 

The world of network security has never been more confusing to the average onlooker. Fortunately, there are tools, such as EDR security, that help keep enterprise networks safe from unwanted intrusion.

Author: Amara Etter

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