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Be an Awesome Realtor with These Marketing Tools

Marketers of any kind in this day and age will have to rely on the Internet of Things to advertise their products and services. There are select apps out there that do focus on specific industries for advertising, like real estate. That doesn’t mean that you can’t still use other programs to improve your overall marketing capabilities. 

Various applications can range from social networking to tools that make advertising more convenient. When it comes to real estate, marketing can be extremely competitive. Use these various apps and websites to give you a leg up in the industry.

Rentround is an estate agent fee comparison site in the UK. The platform sits alongside agency marketing strategies and lets sellers & landlords compare agents for free.
The site generates thousands of leads per month. Agents in the UK can subscribe to Rentround for a monthly fee.
The platform works with some of the biggest brands in the UK and has gone from strength to strength since launching in 2020.
The platform initially only allowed landlords to compare letting agents, but based on the success it’s achieved, expanded to seller leads in mid 2021.


One of the basic rules of marketing on social networking sites is to stay active and foster engagement. However, when it comes to Facebook, you’ll have to do more than creating a page and post daily. Marketing on Facebook is like a science; you have to know how to craft your posts, which ones to boost and find and appeal to your target audience. 

Creating ads on this app can still give your significant results even if you’re not that experienced with it. What makes Facebook stand out from the other social networking sites is the connections it has to additional marketing sites for real estate, like Zillow. Facebook contains numerous tools you can use to boost your advertising power for your company.

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Zoom has grown in popularity as an online video chat platform since the events brought out by COVID-19. However, you no longer have only to use it as an app to connect with your loved ones and coworkers. You can also use Zoom to connect with potential buyers of your homes. Keep in mind that just because you’re doing this at home, doesn’t mean that you should slack off on your presentation. 

Make sure you still dress professionally. Use virtual backgrounds and green screens to prevent your clients from getting distracted by any children and pets running around behind you.


Facebook allows you to target homebuyers of all ages. The majority of that group, though, are millennials. That’s why you need to advertise on Twitter; you’ll be able to tap into that particular audience by interacting with them on a platform that they’re more likely to visit regularly. 81% of millennials log in to this website at least once a day. 

15% of them access Twitter more than ten times a day. In addition to generating leads, you could also stay updated on the latest news and influencers and see how they affect your overall marketing strategy.

Zillow Premier Agent App

Zillow is one of the most well-known applications people use to browse and buy a home. That’s why this company provides realtors with special tools they can use to boost their chances of increasing sales. The Zillow Premier Agent app offers its users resources and training guides that will help you optimize your marketing. You can visit their blogs, which contain various tips and advice on how to improve your business flow. 

There’s much more to gain from this version of Zillow than getting a regular selling account. You can get the basic Zillow profile, but that’s more meant for individuals trying to sell their homes than professionals like you.


BoomTown provides a conglomeration of products in multiple package levels. They specialize in real estate software, and they have a wide range of resources you can use to enhance your marketing. Boom Town’s packages contain just the right amount of tools you need for your company.

If you’re a beginner, you can start with an earlier package and work your way up. You could use them along with any other software or strategy you’re already utilizing. These products are a must-have for real estate marketing.

PromptSmart Pro

This app isn’t uniquely for realtors, but it can be useful when recording advertising videos. PromptSmart Pro is a teleprompter program that allows you to read your script as you’re filming. This app uses smart voice recognition to reveal upcoming lines in your text.

The words will pause either when you pause or when you start improvising. You’ll be able to save time on having to memorize your lines. PromptSmart Pro is available on Android and iOS, and it does cost money to use this app.


Continuing with making videos, YouTube is the number one video platform on the internet. You can easily create a channel and connect your other social networking accounts to it. It’s also pretty easy to embed YouTube videos on any blogs and websites you happen to have. 

The kind of advertisements you can upload can range from details about your products and services to a virtual tour of the homes for sale. YouTube provides you with the chance to pay for your advertisements to play before select types of videos potential consumers watch. If you want, you could create fun and entertaining content to increase your channel’s overall popularity.


This app is similar to PromptStart Pro. The main difference is, instead of reading your script off the screen while you’re recording, the app creates captions during your dialogue. Subtitles in a video are useful because many people watch their videos with the sound off. 

Cliptomatic has other features, like letting you choose the font of the captions and adding filters to your video. You can edit the subtitles in case there are any mistakes. This app is available for iOS only.

Wise Pelican

Though doing your real estate marketing online can yield powerful results, that doesn’t mean you should neglect more conventional means of advertising. One method you can try is sending postcards in the mail. They’re like business cards except bigger, has additional details, and individuals receive them through the postal service. Wise Pelican is a business that can provide you with these custom-made postcards. 

Not just for you, but your entire team of realtors can each get their personalized postal advertisements. This company both makes postcards and sends them to various addresses in an area of your choosing.

You can purchase your personalized postcards from Wise Pelicans at 70 cents each. Luckily, you can make a free account before deciding to make a purchase. There are plenty of benefits to Wise Pelican’s services, like managing and updating your address lists and tracking your postcards in the mail. 

While we’re sending your postal advertisements, you can focus on the other aspects of your business. You could even put your social networking on these professionally-made postcards. Create an account on wisepelican.com today and start spreading the word about your real estate company.


When you combine the use of these marketing tools, you maximize your opportunities to be an awesome real estate agent!

Author: Ian D

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