Published On: Fri, Aug 14th, 2020

Now is the time to buy private proxies: how to pick a provider

If you have started looking for proxy providers, then you already know that it can enhance your internet privacy and security. When the system first emerged on the market, it was viewed in a negative light because some thought users want to hide their criminal or suspicious acts. 

But with the rise of cybercrimes against the security and privacy of internet users, proxies have become the one tool that can provide protection against cyber threats. The threats we’re speaking of are ransomware, identity theft, or hacking. Most of them involve criminals tracking users’ internet activities, and getting their personal data like name, IP, physical address and even credit card information. 

And cyber criminals aren’t the only ones who connect personal information. Advertisers have built trackers they deploy on the internet to gather and analyse users’ online activities. These programs are so good, they can even find out the seize of the computer screen, the type of device used, the websites the user access and how long they spend on each link. 

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But you may not want someone to track your internet activity, even if it’s not suspicious, it’s private. And here is where proxies can help. They connect you to a server before accessing the website for you. This way the destination website doesn’t know your real identity and cannot steal your personal data. The proxy masks your IP address, and makes it impossible for anyone to find out what you’re doing. 

If you think this is the right time to get a private proxy, you may want to find out what the right one for your needs is. 

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Proxy location

You want the proxy to hide your location, so you can access local content from international areas. Take for instance the websites from the USA that restrict European users’ access because of the GDPR. If you need to access an American website, you need a private proxy to access the website for you, download the content, and deliver it to you. Because you need a proxy that allows you to visit web pages from restricted areas, you should choose one provided by a company with a high number of locations. 

Proxy IP type

Depending on the features you look in a proxy, the type of system you need can be mobile, residential or datacentre. 

Mobile IP proxies route requests through mobile devices and are more expensive than traditional ones. You can use them to emulate surfing on your smartphone and are great for Instagram automation. 

Residential IP proxies are exquisite systems assigned by ISP to route your requests. They are so good, most website cannot even detect them. The drawback is that they are slower than datacentre IP proxies, and also pricier. 

Datacentre IP address is developed by the proxy provider and more affordable than the previous options. Most free proxies are datacentre and have a restricted list of features. If you want more characteristics the provider usually allows upgrade. 

Purchasing a private proxy doesn’t have to be challenging, especially if you know what your needs are, and you buy a product that meets them exactly. 

Author: Stephen Marshall

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