Published On: Mon, Nov 12th, 2018

5 Clever Ways to Market an Expungement Law Firm

If your clients have ever been arrested, charged or been convicted of a crime, the records will follow them for a lifetime. It will be difficult to apply for employment, loans or housing even with no convictions, so clients will find it a benefit to contact a New Jersey expungement lawyer who knows how to seal their records. By expunging criminal histories, it restricts the access to records, but here are five more benefits that will help you market your expungement law firm.

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1. Job Assistance

Financial security is one of the most common reasons why people will seek out the services of an expungement attorney. Whether a client has been charged or convicted, an arrest can hinder a person’s ability to receive an offer of employment. As background checks identify arrests, convictions and current legal status, it is a significant reason to market your firm’s experience in getting legal issues expunged. As applicants can immediately file to expunge a record in New Jersey when no conviction occurs, marketing based on waiting periods will be a helpful avenue to navigate with the help of legal counsel. A person will also want to know their legal rights about expunged criminal histories and the information they must give for a background check.

2. Obtaining Professional State Licensing

For millennials just leaving the university system, an arrest record will be problematic when applying for state licensing. While a person must disclose convictions even with an expungement, it is critical for applicants to seek legal advice so that an attorney can research the conviction as well as any waiting periods that apply. In many cases, an expungement will also increase the likelihood of receiving a professional state license. It is a critical element that graduates and professionals will want to consider before submitting their licensing applications.

3. Applying to Professional Organizations

Anyone applying to a professional organization will most likely have to perform a background check. As an arrest record has a stigma attached, it will decrease the likelihood of professional groups choosing someone whose record is public. An expungement seals the history, so there is a greater possibility of sitting on a corporate board or getting a coveted public position.

4. Peace of Mind

Many clients will feel a peace of mind in knowing that an expungement has occurred. Not only will your clients feel secure about applying for jobs, but they will also feel a sense of vindication that this part of their lives are no longer on public display which is a benefit that is priceless.

5. Reputation Management

A critical component to an expungement is the reputation management that a client receives since one’s past will no longer attest to a person’s credibility. As reputation management is crucial both in a person’s personal and professional life, it is an advantage worth exploring.

It is important to let your clients know how the process works by offering expungement consultations. It is also your opportunity to show how sealing a record resolves legal issues.

Author: Bruno Souza

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