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Hay fever drug, Ragwitek, receives FDA approval
Oral antiviral drug developed for combating measles shows encouraging early results Diabetes drug, Tanzeum, receives FDA approval Evzio, for reversing opioid overdose, gets FDA approval
Swanson recalls cilantro due to salmonella concerns
Organic Black Peppercorns recalled in the US and Canada due to possible Salmonella Infinite Herbs brand Organic Basil recalled due to potential salmonella contamination Dole Fresh Vegetables recall of bagged salads extends to the 15 states
Interview with ‘Nurses who Vaccinate’ founder, Melody Butler
Canada: Ontario updates school immunization requirements as Deb Matthews has a few words for Jenny McCarthy Majority of adults support mandatory vaccinations for school-aged children, 33% of parents with young children believe ‘vaccinations can cause autism’ Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Topamax, for migraine prevention gets FDA nod
Vancomycin-resistant MRSA superbug found in Brazil
Healthcare-associated infections: 722,000 infections in 2011 in the US according to CDC data UCLA researchers issue guidelines on the treatment and management of MRSA skin abscesses University at Buffalo Microbiology professor, Dr Anders Hakansson talks about Strep biofilm study
Implanted laboratory-grown vaginas in four teens deemed a success: Wake Forest
Northwestern U professor talks details about intravaginal ring device Vaginal ring delivers herpes, HIV antivirals, contraceptives for months of protection: Northwestern researcher CDC offers new ‘Prevent Group B Strep’ app for smartphones
Michelle Obama recounts Sasha contracting meningitis while promoting Obamacare in radio interview
Canada reveals it has death panels, Slate says it’s a ‘good thing’ to ‘play God’ Taro Aso, Japanese Minister, says to elderly ‘hurry up and die’ due to cost Consent required in UK for putting patients on the ‘death pathway’ won’t stop Agenda 21 concerns
Measles still a risk, 50 years after the introduction of the vaccine
New HIV infections down 33% since 2001: UNAIDS UNICEF: Deaths in children under five cut in half, 45% linked to undernutrition Heart disease, stroke top list of leading causes of death globally
Texas Gov. Rick Perry announces investment to create Center for Cell and Organ Biotechnology
What is Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis? Dr. Oz featured in New York organ donation public service campaign VIDEO
Two suspected Krokodil use cases surface in Arizona
Ambien and other sleep aids seen in huge increase in ER visits: SAMHSA Maryland: Heroin overdose deaths up, prescription opioids overdose deaths down Alcohol is worse than smoking at shortening life expectancy
Diabetes related complications in US adults down, according to CDC
Diabetes drug, Tanzeum, receives FDA approval New Genome Wide Association Study Reveals Heritable T2D Genes Diabetes drug, Farxiga, gets FDA approval
Lilies can be deadly for cats: FDA
Cat food recalled due to potential Salmonella contamination Dog and cat food recall initiated due to salmonella risk, Hubbard Life and Joy Combo part of recall Red Flannel Cat Food recalled due to salmonella risk
HIV infected men at greater risk of heart attack: Study
Talking medical marijuana with FL CAN Executive Director, Jodi James Free market health care is alive and well at the Surgery Center of Oklahoma Flu shots and travel medicine with Passport Health CEO, Duellyn Pandis
Florida: Alejandra Tobon arrested for unlicensed practice of medicine in Pembroke Pines
Tea Tree Mouthwash recalled due to Pseudomonas contamination WHO publishes guidelines for the treatment of hepatitis C Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen linked to reports of health issues: FDA
FDA wants updates to Nutrition Facts Label: ‘Added sugars’ and ‘Vitamin D’ among proposed changes
CJ Hunt discusses ‘The Perfect Human Diet’ and how evolutionary benefits point to more meat, less veggies McDonald’s to offer healthy choices for value meals, will not promote sodas for Happy Meals
Experts express concern about use of Stanislaw Burzynski’s ‘antineoplastons’ for cancer treatment
New Advances In Breast Cancer Treatment HPV eradicated from cervical cancer cells after treatment with mushroom extract: Study Study brings renewed hope for Stimuvax as a potential lung cancer vaccine
HIV infected men at greater risk of heart attack: Study
Miami researchers make a dramatic step towards an HIV vaccine The Top 5 most prevalent sexually transmitted infections in the US HIV-infected women released from jail have worse HIV treatment outcomes than men, according to Yale study
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