Published On: Fri, Dec 7th, 2018

New Pediatric Care Innovations That You Should Be Aware Of

Children are no less than the most precious of our resources. That’s right. They’re precious resources because they are the future of the nation and they are the heirs of what we are currently toiling for. This is why the field of pediatric care is essential to society — to care for our children.

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One of the best ways of caring for our children and securing their future comes in the form of the multitude of ways in which we are constantly trying to improve how we are able to use technology and research. We aim to not only create better products and medication but to also help improve existing processes.

These are some of the latest innovations in pediatric care that could potentially save lives:

Graphene Patch

Monitoring glucose levels can be very uncomfortable for children and adults alike. Nobody likes their skin being broken after all. Thanks to the efforts of researchers, digital tattoos or graphene patches now have the ability to monitor glucose levels via the patient’s sweat. The MC10 Company is at the forefront of this venture and is currently developing a wide variety of bio stamps that measure other vital signs.

PEEK Retina

Eye damage can be extremely debilitating and the detection of such types of damage can mean the difference between a child retaining eyesight or losing it. The PEEK Retina is a device that allows the attending physician to visualize the eye in order to detect potential retinal damage and papilledema. This technology even has an iteration that can be used through Android phones.

The Smart Pill

For children who dislike taking regular trips to their doctor’s clinic, the smart pill may very well be a godsend. The pill comes with a built-in sensor that allows the doctor to monitor vital signs from afar. In fact, this technology has been utilized by the Children’s Health in Dallas to treat 75 transplant patients. Pair that with expert care from one of the experienced pediatricians at Families First Pediatrics South Jordan Utah and you should be golden.

Advanced Imaging and Modeling

With the advent of 3D printing, the ability to create an accurate 3D representation of a patient’s heart has become something that’s more than attainable. This technology can even be used in conjunction with virtual and augmented reality in order to produce more accurate models. These models are essential in diagnosis as they provide physicians with a more profound view of the part they are trying to examine.

Wearable Health Monitors

Smartwatches and fitness trackers are everywhere. They are, in fact commonplace. But this particular wearable called the Motio Health Wear Watch is special in that it is able to detect sleep apnea. Once the watch detects sleep apnea, it then makes use of artificial intelligence in order to learn more about the user and to help normalize the user’s sleeping pattern.

Fitness Ring

For those who might feel uncomfortable with a watch as a fitness tracker, a ring might be a more viable solution. Another company, Motiv, has created a ring that’s not only equipped with a step counter, it also comes with a heart rate monitor and a sleep tracker.

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