Published On: Wed, Mar 11th, 2020

A Few Reasons to Become a Midwife Nurse

Midwives have been around for centuries, and scientific progress has provided these APRNs with the ability to do their jobs with greater safety with each passing decade. However, as things stand today, the midwife nurse is not just an assistive position anymore, but a highly paid, respected, and diverse career path for nurses to pursue as well.

If you are an RN looking through your options for online nurse midwifery programs right now, or even if you already have an MSN in midwifery, but have started considering the prospects of a DNP program, let us tell you why those are excellent ideas.

You Can Help the Mother and the Child in Ways that No One Else Can

Any nurse, in general, is a caregiver, but midwife nurses are professionals who have dedicated their entire work life towards helping women in some of their most vulnerable times. To get a proper understanding of what it means to pregnant women and new mothers to have a midwife nurse by their side, read what the patients themselves affirm:

  • A midwife nurse is a compassionate, kind and understanding figure, who also has the medical expertise to help her through the entire process
  • Midwives witness the birth of life on every single workday, and they are the ones to bring that life into this world
  • As the job of the midwife begins months before delivery, the health of the newborn is largely dependent on their advice
  • A midwife nurse continues to ensure the safety and wellbeing of both child and mother, by guiding them through the initial few months

You Can Truly Help Improve Healthcare Policies for Women

Those that have already worked as a midwife nurse know that policies within a healthcare facility may not always prioritize the best interests of pregnant women and new moms. If you have ever felt the need to change some of those policies, consider online nurse midwifery programs for completing your DNP from an accredited and well-reputed nursing school.

On getting the Doctorate in Midwifery certificate, you will be able to take up the highest positions in the field, affecting the system in any number of the following ways:

  • Leadership positions will open up to you, which in turn, will allow you to change policies for the better
  • As a DNP is the highest qualification in nursing, you can also pursue administrative authority to change, and even make better policies at a state/national level 
  • For those seeking to reach women in rural areas where they really need the help, a DNP will allow you to assume the leadership positions there easily

Income Opportunities are Among the Highest in the Field of Nursing

It’s true that becoming a midwife nurse should be pursued with more noble goals than just money, but without the career prospects being sufficient enough to justify the investment of time, money and labor, it would be difficult to recommend such a testing career path. Thankfully, the reparations which midwives receive in the United States are among the highest salaries in the nursing profession. To get a proper idea of the kind of pay boost we are discussing here, consider the following stats.

  • $109,439/year is the median salary for midwife nurses nationally
  • $71,730 is the national average for all RNs, with beginners and RNs without BSNs earning below the $50,000/year mark
  • $124,000/year – $137,281 is the expected pay range for midwives with a DNP
  • In the state of California, even the average salary of a Midwife is above the $120,000/year mark

It would not be wrong to say that if you choose the path of midwifery as your nursing specialty, the opportunities for helping women and infants should definitely be the inspiration, but the earning opportunities are nothing to scoff at either.

Becoming a Midwife Nurse is a Feasible Option Now

Some of the biggest obstacles in the path of pursuing higher education and better career prospects for professionals have always been the lack of time and inability to leave the job. However, due to the wide availability of accredited online nurse midwifery programs these days, that shouldn’t even be an issue anymore.

It is, of course, not just about midwifery, but about advanced education for all nurses in general. As long as you are already a registered nurse, you will be able to complete your APN degree in a number of fields online. In case you have not considered online nursing programs in midwifery or in other lucrative fields such as Nurse Practitionership yet, go through the following benefits and you might just be surprised at what you were missing out on so far!

  • Online advanced nursing programs are designed for RNs; they are flexible and can be completed without taking any time off work
  • Online fees are lower, there is no extra commuting expense, and aside from the rent you are already paying, there will be no extra boarding costs either
  • Taking on a student loan is easier when you don’t have to shut down the major source of income
  • Unlike in the old days, accredited online courses are given the same value as their traditional counterparts
  • You can study anywhere; during breaks at work, at home, or even while traveling

In summary, becoming a midwife nurse is the ideal career path for every nurse who wants to work with women in need as well as innocent, infant lives. It’s not just a financially and socially rewarding career to pursue; midwifery is, by all means, a spiritual path for any nurse. Looking at it from all angles, be it a practical and financial one, or a spiritual and social one, becoming a nurse midwife doesn’t have many low points at all. There are other specializations to follow of course, and some of them can be more suited to your personality and preferences. However, the idea of helping those in need of your knowledge and skills will always remain the same. Have you been inspired?

Author: Carol Trehearn

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