Published On: Wed, Aug 26th, 2020

What Are Yoni Pearls and How to Use Them

It is important to know how to practice good hygiene, especially for the females.

While it may feel super uncomfortable to talk about this topic, especially for young girls, it is essential to understand how to keep our vaginas clean and healthy. The last thing any of us want to deal with is an infected private is that it creates a whole lot of discomfort and irritation.

Menstruation is something that every female has to deal with during their life. It is uncomfortable, annoying, and something we all need to prioritize dealing with. There is a whole range of feminine products that are available to us ladies to help us deal with menstruation and also ensure we keep that whole are clean and hygienic.

One of these feminine hygiene products is yoni pearls.

Yoni pearls are a product that helps women keep their vaginal area clean. The yoni pearls are made up of natural herbs that are put into a pearl looking cloth that actually looks like a pearl. This can then be put into the vagina for up to a full day to provide a deep natural clean of the area. Here is everything you need to know about yoni pearls and how to use them safely.

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  1. Yoni pearls are often referred to as herbal tampons

This feminine hygiene product goes by several different names, such as herbal tampons or vaginal pearls. But whatever the name is, the product does the same thing—clean your vagina. They are designed similarly to tampons in the way they are inserted, so the different names make sense.

  1. Yoni pearls are able to do a deep clean

When you leave the yoni pearls inside you for up to a day, you are letting natural ingredients prevent any bacterial build up from occurring. This is good as it means that it will also help eliminate any bad smells that might occur, any bacterial infections, and even endometriosis—something that too many women now a days have to deal with!

  1. Yoni pearls are easy to use

Just like a tampon, inserting yoni pearls is actually pretty easy. The trick is making sure that it is inserted far enough inside you to get  close to the cervix so a deep clean can really take place. When you do insert one, it is advised to drink extra water and avoid any dairy heavy foods during the period to prevent extra yeast build up. Research says if you eat extra nutritious meals that include smoothies and salads, you should be alright.

  1. Yoni pearls have lots of natural herbs

This feminine hygiene product has lots of natural herbs that not only clean your insides out but are also said to help your reproductive organs. This is comforting, as you are not putting any foreign chemical objects into your body. You are just ensuring that nature’s magical herbs are able to reach the more difficult areas that you could not reach and clean on your own.

  1. Yoni pearls just get rid of the bad bacteria

There is a common misconception that all bacteria are bad. This is actually false, as your body does need a certain level of bacteria in your vagina to be able to fight off and prevent any infections. Yoni pearls are designed to only attack and eliminate the bad bacteria without completely detoxing every ounce of bacteria present. If you don’t have the good bacteria, you actually put your body at risk of getting vaginitis or a nasty yeast infection.

  1. Yoni pearls might cause leakage

It is normal if you experience extra leakage after inserting a yoni pearl. It is recommended that when you are doing the yoni pearl detox, you wear a feminine pad or period panties during this time to help absorb any unwanted discharge. Don’t freak out if this does happen, it is normal and means that the yoni pearls are actually doing their job.

  1. Yoni pearls help eliminate unwanted odors

When there is build up in your vagina, often there is a funky smell that develops. This is never fun to experience and can make women feel very self-conscious. Yoni pearls are proven to help eliminate the bad odors and replace it with a more pleasant one. However, if you feel your odor is still off, it is certainly recommended to visit your gynecologist!

Yoni pearls are a feminine hygiene product that is really enhancing women’s lives because it makes it easier to stay healthy in the private area. Women shouldn’t have to suffer through menstruation and the frustrating aftermath that occurs. It should be an area that is well looked after, cared for, and one that no person feels embarrassed or ashamed of.

Thanks to the natural ingredients and easy application of yoni pearls, this product is making women’s lives a whole lot better! 

Author: Jacob Maslow

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