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Useful APIs For C# Programming

The use of different Application Process Interfaces (API) for C# is constantly on the rise. Programmers and companies around the world have literally developed thousands of APIs for C#. As a matter of fact, these APIs are one of the most important and useful programming tools available. One of the most critical aspects of any business application is the connectivity with other applications. C# is a very simply yet very communicative language. Various APIs make it fun and smooth to connect applications with other programming frameworks.

In the context of above discussion, following are some of the most useful APIs – for more information about APIs check Bytescout.

Facebook C# Shop API:

Facebook is the biggest and most popular social media platform in the world beyond any doubt. Facebook released its first SDK API for C# as a free resource but soon convert it to a paid third party resource. It was first released in July, 2010 and has gone through a lot of revisions since then.

This particular # programming software has a lot of great and useful features. The SDK API for Facebook has simplified the authentication process. The original SDK lacks this important feature but the latest version has fulfilled the lagging. It also provides special tools for authentication for client applications especially built for desktops. You can also go through the authentication process in no time whatsoever.

The API also supports almost all the platforms apart from offering common functionalities. It has extra extensions for asp.net web mvc, asp.net web, winform, silverlight, and wpf. Therefore, you can start developing and creating great applications using these platforms without any real hassle.

photo/ Gerd Altmann via pixabay

photo/ Gerd Altmann via pixabay

The SDK API is also very easy to understand and use for beginners. It contains sample applications for all of the platforms it supports. Similarly, it also supports Facebook Marketing API, Facebook Graph API and Facebook Rest API, making it one of the most useful and beneficial C# API.

It is also pertinent to note that the official Facebook SDK API is still a work under development. It still lacks many features and common implementations which programmers have to handle. Nonetheless, if you are using .Net to develop Facebook application, this particular API can be of a great help for you.

Bytescout C# APIs:

Bytescout is an extremely useful programming API. It is used to create high quality and rich PDF documents containing graphics, images and text. Bytescout C# programming PDF API offers many benefits to the programmers. It is royalty free and provides you with full set of PDF API. This simply means that you can easily create a new document or modify existing files. It also offers 40 bit, 128 bit and 128 AES encryption support. Similarly, it also supports PNG, JPEG, TIFF, CCITT Fax formats in addition to offering a lot of other benefits.

At Bytescout there are many other c# programming language pdf APIs to create high quality and data rich PDF documents. For example, pdfonline is a very popular API for creating PDF documents. It is simple to use and set up is pretty straightforward. It is best for developing as well as established enterprises as it comes with all the features you may want in a PDF document, making it one of the best c# programming pdf API.

REST API for C#:

REST is the abbreviation of Representational State Transfer and it is one of the most commonly used APIs. The main communication method of the API created through REST architecture is HTTP. RESTful is a fantastic API for C# and any other programming framework because HTTP is the heart and soul of World Wide Web. Internet is nothing with this protocol, making REST a must have software for C# programming.

REST defines the API’s structure using different resources such as URLS of the webpages. It also makes use of Request Verbs whose main function is to determine what you want to do with the resources. Then REST also sends additional Request Headers with the request to define authorization details or the type of response required.

The data sent with the request and the main body of the response are called Request Body and Response Body in REST respectively. Finally, it gives status of the request to the clients with the help of Response Status Codes. The resources in this very API denote your data entities such as Order, Person or Product etc. API learns what to do next with the resource after receiving the Request Verb. For instance, a GET and POST request will get data about the entity and create new entity respectively.

.net Web API:

.net Web API is one of the best C# programming software. It helps you easily implement REST applications. It is particularly helpful for web application development, you need to have knowledge of both of them to use them successfully.

Using .Net framework to build your APIs opens doors to many more opportunities for you. .Net is a pluggable and flexible pipeline programming framework. This means that the server passes through the .Net pipeline first of all whenever it receives a request. Therefore, it allows you to add your own functionalities in the application if built in capabilities fail to meet your requirements. Now, you don’t have to host your Web API in Window Server only, allowing you to explore bigger and greener pastures.

You are also already one step ahead of the competitors if you have fair understanding of .net MVC. This API works on the principle of Controller and Action idea. The idea belongs to .Net MVC where you directly map resources to the Controllers. Each entity will also have a controller of its own. Web API route URLs to controllers using the .Net routing engine. You are also able to differentiate between various types of controllers using this API.

Above mentioned are some of the most useful C# APIs. These APIs perform different functions and offer some really amazing and cool benefits to programmers developing applications using C# .Net.

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  1. Markus Pope says:

    Good article…a few minor corrections:

    “API” – Application Programming Interface
    “REST” – is not an API, it’s a methodology. You cannot get REST, you build RESTful services.
    “WebAPI” – is generally one word.
    “.NET WebAPI” – is a framework, not a software.
    “MVC” – is a framework.

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