Published On: Sun, Oct 8th, 2017

The Sunshine State Rules the Roost with Home Warranties

Florida is the Sunshine State – a golden paradise of sun-baked beaches, turquoise water, and a seemingly endless summer. Florida is unparalleled as a top tourist destination, laying claim to the world’s most popular theme parks such as Universal Studios, Disney World, Sea World, NASA, and the glittering South Beach of Miami.

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Besides for the state’s world-class reputation, what is it about Florida that makes it a top destination for home warranty companies? For starters, Florida typically enjoys sunny days year-round. Realtors and homeowners regard Florida as one of the most sought-after destinations for retirement purposes, home ownership, and vacation homes. Among others, Florida ranks highly as one of the leading US states as an investment haven, despite the weather phenomena that occasionally make landfall.

In terms of its retirement appeal, Florida is where everyone wants to be. The snowbirds from up north enjoy balmy winters in Florida and head back to their state once Florida’s summer comes around. For the full-time residents, Florida is a marvel to behold. The housing market in the sunshine state faltered somewhat during the 2008 global financial crisis, but is gradually rebuilding and value is returning. The sheer appeal of Florida as a tourist destination and a desirable state to live in has helped the real estate market no end. Part of the appeal of buying property in Florida is the long-term benefit in retirement. For example, if homeowners begin early enough, they can have a fully paid off property in the sunshine state at retirement and enjoy their golden years in a toasty climate.

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What Is It about Florida That Makes It so Appealing to Home Warranty Companies?

The conditions in Florida are highly suitable to the real estate market. With so many people choosing Florida as their preferred state to live in, there is growing demand for condominiums, single-family homes, town homes and the like. The current population of Florida is around 20 million people, and the state’s diversity is a big part of its calling card. Caucasians, Latinos, African-Americans, Native Americans, Asians, and Hawaiian Pacific Islanders make up Florida’s cosmopolitan melting pot.

The US Census Bureau recently reported that Florida ranks at #7 in terms of its growth rate in the country. Most of the state’s population lives in the city areas such as Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, St. Petersburg, and Orlando. For the real estate market, Miami Dade County is a booming enterprise which features 30% of Florida’s population at 6 million people. 3 million Floridians reside in Tampa, and the Orlando tourist haven is home to another 2.5 million Florida residents.

According to real estate statistics, these are the current preferences of Floridians:

  • 65% of citizens of Florida own their own properties
  • 70% of citizens of Florida prefer single-family homes
  • Most Floridians take excellent care of their homes, but aging properties require routine maintenance
  • The median age of Floridian homes is approximately 12 years, meaning that home warranties are invaluable

For all of the above reasons, Florida is naturally a fertile haven for home warranty companies, and there is fierce competition among them to provide excellent services to Florida residents. Instead of spending money buying new appliances, home warranties provide the necessary insurance coverage to guard against routine failures of electrical, mechanical or other devices in the home. Home warranties are an excellent way to save money on repairs and replacement costs for things like dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, garbage disposal units, swimming pool motors, filtration systems, HVAC, garage door motors etc. The sheer variety of home warranty services offer to Floridians is extraordinary.

FL Home Warranty Companies offer everything from basic coverage to extensive coverage on a wide range of systems. Florida residents can safeguard kitchen appliances, Jacuzzis, whirlpools, and any number of covered systems, devices or components. It is common to have a home warranty service transferred from the previous owner to the new homeowner, and in many cases realtors will throw this in as an added-value enticement to seal the deal. Home warranty services provide added peace of mind against routine wear and tear of everyday appliances such as microwaves, refrigerators, dishwashers and the like. Since so many Florida homes have beautiful outdoor decks with pools, hot tubs and the like, home warranties certainly come in handy.

Author: Jeff Broth

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