Published On: Thu, Sep 25th, 2014

Jamestown’s Most Haunted Real Estate

With early history dating back to the 1500s, Jamestown, Rhode Island is bubbling with centuries of wars, culture, and slow modernization. Like any historical town, Jamestown is also splattered with hundreds of stories of tragedy that have lead to plenty of ghost lore. With buildings over 300 hundred years old, you’re sure to find a few buildings in the town that are inhabited with spirits from the past.

Public domain photo/ DimiTalen at the wikipedia project

Public domain photo/ DimiTalen at the wikipedia project

Fort Wetherill State Park

This fort was built during the Revolutionary War and commissioned for a variety of other wars throughout the nation’s history. After serving its use in WWII, the fort was abandoned and left to crumble. Its location perched on the edge of 100 foot granite cliffs only adds to its spooky charm. Since the Revolutionary War, stories of an aggressive black dog have followed this fort through the years. The British told tales of being menaced by this spectral canine, and more modern tales detail howling and growling heard around the property.

Castle Hill Inn

Built as a summer house for a Mr. Agassiz, he wanted the home to be a summer respite for himself and his wife. Unfortunately, his wife passed away at a relatively young age and he spent the rest of his days alone. A purported female ghost inhabits this house, causing mischief by throwing or dropping china in the kitchen pantry.

Beechwood Mansion

This mansion was constructed in 1851 by a rich merchant named Daniel Parrish. Visitors and staff say there are a variety of spirits still roaming its many hallways. People have experienced doors opening on their own, various cold spots, and candles being mysteriously blown out. Eyewitnesses have seen a maid appear while another spirit in a yellow ballroom gown has graced people with her appearance.

Viking Hotel

This stately hotel oozes New England charm with its red bricks and widow’s walk. It was built in 1926 to lure visitors from the summer heat of Florida. Sounds of a raucous party coming from the original ballrooms have filtered up to the rooms above, and many guests have heard the sounds at the same time, including the sounds of music, singing, and dancing.

Belcourt Castle

Another stately summer house, Belcourt Castle is more of a mansion and less of a castle but regal nonetheless. The carefully restored Gothic architecture makes it both inviting and foreboding. Supposedly, two chairs in the house are haunted. If you place your hand near the chairs, you’ll notice an immediate drop in temperature. One chair will give you resistance if you try to sit, while another will reportedly tip you out if you dare to place your behind there. A former owner of the house was killed and in the month of March you might hear him moaning and screaming in pain.

Jamestown is an ideal place for history lovers. Whether you’re looking for New England charm or the rich history it offers, this little town is a great place to both live and visit, especially if you’re partial to the paranormal.

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