Published On: Wed, Sep 26th, 2018

How You Can Get Ready For The Next Hurricane or Wildfire

Hurricane Florence ravaged the coast of North Carolina leaving many without power and flooding was rampant. This is just another reminder that those in the areas impacted for hurricanes have to prepare for the season and hope a big storm does not hit their area. Wildfires are another disaster that can occur during anytime of the year especially those times where there have been droughts. While hurricanes cannot be perfectly predicted where they will hit it is much more accurate than predicting a wildfire. The following are tips to help you and your family get through the next fire or hurricane safe as this is the main priority.

Hurricane Isaac NASA photo

Evacuate If Told To

Floridians are the people guiltiest of shrugging off big storms as northern Florida has not been directly hit by a hurricane for decades. The issue is not always the wind but flash floods can be devastating and potentially fatal. There are evacuation orders at times where you might not think public officials know what they are doing. These orders are for the best interest of people in the area and you need to know if you are anywhere near a flood zone. Those that are far from flood zones are not always safe as with Hurricane Harvey those in Houston saw waters rise to record heights.

Prep For Your Pets Too

Your pets need to be prepped as well as they might have to face the elements right alongside you. Finding the right tactical dog gear could mean the difference between life or death. The worst thing that you can do is leave your pets behind as they could drown in rising flood waters. If you have to make a decision between your pet and yourself at least allow your pet to go free as they might have a better chance of survival. Pets are part of the family so do not lose your pet due to lack of preparation.

Invest In A Generator

There is a chance that it is just wise to ride out the storm or the wildfire took a sharp turn. You are going to want electricity so you can keep your phone charged to stay as updated as possible on the situation at hand. If we are all being honest this is also going to be nice to have air conditioning as hurricane season in Florida is warm to say the least. Finding gas can be difficult last minute as Hurricane Irma showed but if you prep early you will have the gas needed.

Store Emergency Water and Food

Emergency water and food should be stored at all times as you never know what is going to happen. This does not mean that you need enough food to feed the family for a year but stock up on nonperishable items. These cans of food and jugs of water could be your only source of nutrients for days before emergency teams get electric back on and flood waters/fires have dissipated. If you are not sure what to pack take a look online as there are plenty of guides for the best types of food to have in case of being in your home for days.

As you can see getting prepared for natural disasters is important to your survival. Do not trivialize these situations as they could turn deadly in a matter of minutes.

Author: Tommy Wyher

Tommy is a native of Tampa, Florida and enjoy everything the warm weather has to offer. He often writes business planning advice but also covers multiple other topics.

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