Published On: Tue, Jan 14th, 2020

Effective Ways to Ease Joint Pain

Whether you’ve played sports for years or you’re simply getting older, your joints might ache to the point where they keep you up throughout the night. Daily stresses can put more pressure on knees, hips and ankles, which can eventually make it difficult to get around. Before seeking out surgery or taking harmful pain medications to ease the discomfort, there are several things you can do to improve the overall quality of your life.

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Exercise More and Eat Healthy

Stress on the joints is sometimes caused by carrying excess weight. Obesity is an ever-growing problem, and it’s an issue that is even beginning to affect children and teens. The more weight that you carry, the more your knees and ankles have to hold up when you stand and walk. This puts unnecessary pressure on them, which can eventually lead to inflammation, cartilage wear, discomfort and severe pain. By exercising more and eating healthily, you’ll be able to lose and control weight to get that excess pressure off of your lower body.

Consider Installing a Home Lift

If you’ve considered selling your home because it has one or more flights of stairs, you’re not alone. It can be downright impossible to climb the stairs if you have a mobility issue or are just getting older. Rather than put the property up for sale, consider installing a home lift. You can ride up and down as needed through floor lifts, which will help in preventing the excessive discomfort you’d feel climbing the staircase.

Utilize Pain Relieving Gels and Patches

There are a multitude of different gels and patches available to people who have joint-related discomfort and are in need of relief. These products can be slathered on the area where it hurts and reapplied as needed throughout the day. They often contain ingredients that absorb deep into the skin and into the muscle and joint to relieve the inflammation and pain associated with excessive wear.

Use Turmeric in Daily Cooking

You might have heard recently that turmeric is an essential cure-all for individuals looking for all-around natural remedies for pain relief. It’s been thought that the way turmeric works is by reducing overall body inflammation. Not only is this beneficial for a variety of other health conditions, but it can be effective in relieving discomfort involving the bones of the legs, ankles and hips. You can use turmeric as a spice in many different dishes, and some even take over-the-counter supplements containing the ingredient.

Buy and Use Braces

Whether it’s your knee that’s bothering you, an ankle or a wrist, using a brace can help to prevent aching and tenderness around the joint. These braces are often flexible, so they can be worn underneath your clothing without the world knowing that you have it in place. They can be purchased in local stores or online to save yourself some time. The way the product works is by essentially stiffening the area of the body where it is worn, preventing the bones from moving too much and causing more agony than is necessary.

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