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Deliver Unmatched Unboxing Experiences with Smart Packaging Solutions

We live in a world where everything is available with just a click of a button (well, at least most of them). From clothes to gadgets and even groceries, everything can be ordered online. Why go out to the market when you can get it all delivered at your doorstep?

As market potentials grow, every company wants to be the best, striving hard to provide innovative and top quality products to its consumers. But what most companies fail to realize is that the packaging of the product is as important as the brand! Yes, a solid and attractive package only adds on to the appeal. If you’re looking for smart packaging services for your brand, allinpackaging.co.uk is one option you definitely must check out! Read on to know all about packaging and unboxing solutions that can boost your business.

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What it packaging and unboxing all about?

As a company that depends on direct shipping to end user as a sales channel, it is your responsibility that your customer gets their ordered good in perfect condition. This is where solid packaging and unboxing experiences become levers of success as well as differentiation for your brand. Brand-centric packaging and custom boxes are all about selecting the appropriate packing to place and deliver your product in so that it remains unharmed during the shipping process. A wonderful way to create a good first impression, smart packing not only protects the product from the external forces but also makes it much more attractive.

Why all the fuss?

Being miles away from your customer has its own share of downfalls; you don’t get to create an experience for your customer at the time of his/her purchase. So, make sure you earn some brownie points with an impressively packaged product! A good package should not only be tough enough to protect the product, but also must be easy enough to open as well. This even contributes a lot to the company’s goodwill; a happy customer is the best brand ambassador for your product! A recent survey by Dotcom Distribution states that 52% of customers prefer goods with a good packaging when ordering online. This directly implies better brand equity, customer retention, and minimized post-purchase dissonance.

Packaging contributes a lot to brand value. Here’s how?

Contrary to common opinion, packing is not only wrapping the product in a durable and unique package, it is also about promoting the product. The package displays the brand name, logo and other product related information that informs the user all he needs to know about his order. Brands like Coca-Cola; Nestle etc. have established their name in business and are easily recognizable by their unique packaging. Ensure that the company name and logo is clearly visible on the package.

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Breaking down a custom packaging for the product:

A good packaging technique is an indispensable factor if you want to master the art of presentation and marketing of the product. Let’s check out the many elements that constitute a good package:

  • The outer box: the shipping box is perhaps the most important element of a good packaging solution. Most brands go in for the conventional corrugated boxed that are durable, tough and easy on the pocket.
  • The wrapper: Wrapping your product in tissue paper or some other material add on to its life. It protects the breakable items from the harsh external factors. Also a colorful wrapper adds on to the charm of unboxing the product!
  • The filler: The filler basically provides proper cushioning by filling up the gaps in between the products packed in a package. You can use bubble wrap, Styrofoam or air bags as fillers.
  • The brand label: A sticker denoting the brand name, logo makes the product easily recognizable and is a much cheaper option than printing it on every box. Stickers are pretty affordable and attractive as well.
  • Complementary gifts and notes: This might mean extra work for you but it sure is a thoughtful gesture. A handwritten note by the company thanking the customer goes a long way in establishing solid customer relations in the future, especially if you’re a budding business. Also small custom gifts can be a pleasant surprise for your customers!  

How to choose an appropriate package for your product?

Now choosing a correct package for your product can be really tricky; go for something that complements the product and enhances its appeal. For instance if you’re shipping delicate glass cutlery or some furniture you’d want it delivered properly, and that the customer receives his order in perfect condition. For this you’ll have to carefully pack it in something that does not destroy the contents inside. Mentioned below are some tips that might come in handy:

  • Go for unconventional packaging techniques; break free from the monotonous cardboard boxes and plastic wrapping! Pack your goods in something is much more flexible and attractive than the conventional packaging solutions.
  • Packages inform the customers more about the product, and using QR codes can be an intelligent way to achieve that. QR Codes are compact and effective and can directly connect the customer to the user manual etc.
  • Adding labels are a practical interactive method to inform the consumer about handling and using the product.
  • Durable packages and boxes that can be recycled to store other items are a pretty useful hack. Most customers can’t help but like brands that deliver goods in packages that can be used in the future as well.

The bottom line:

In the real world first impressions go a long way and a good package speaks volumes about your company. Make sure that you get it right!

Author: Pankaj Deb

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