Published On: Thu, Nov 21st, 2019

Bharat Bhise HNA: Reasons to Have Cybersecurity in the Home

The general public has learned about the dangers of the internet slowly but surely, much of that is because even the government didn’t know for a long time about the potential dangers. In spite of this learning however it is still clear that not enough people focus on the level of security which they have when it comes to their home networks and their computers. Bharat Bhise HNA gave a fantastic speech at a tech conference in Montreal last month, which I was there to witness, and he spoke about some worrying statistics around the number of homes in the US who have solid cybersecurity. If you are one of those who does not have high level security at home, here is why you should. 

Information is Everything 

Take a moment and think about what you use your computer for, do you use it for online banking, email discussions, work, private messaging, financial planning, storing insurance details and vacation plans? It is likely that you use your computer for all of these things, just like the average American. Now imagine that someone had remote access to the computer you have at home, what could they do with all of that information? They could create an identity in your name which criminal uses, they could clone your credit card and go on a spending spree, or they could plot when you were next out of the house so that someone could break in and steal your possessions. Information is everything, don’t give them access. 

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

It Happens

Don’t be naive enough to think that it won’t happen to you, the number of phishing scams, remote access attacks and data thefts are increasing all of the time and these cybercriminals know that home networks have non existent or outdated security which makes their job far easier. In some cases you won’t even know an attack has happened until it is too late. 


Think about the amount of connections around your home from your gadgets to your computers, your phone to your home appliances, your TV to your smart watch. All of these things are connected with one another and that gives cybercriminals a huge advantage when it comes to attacking your home network. Using something as simple as a smart appliance a hacker could easily get into all of your information and personal stuff which you have stored on the cloud or directly on your computer. The more connected that we are, the more risks there are in general that we could fall prey to an attack like this. 

Why Not?

It is likely that you have locks on your doors, alarm systems in your home and security lights out the front and the back, why do this? To protect yourself of course, and this is exactly why it is so imperative to have solid cybersecurity in your home, because there is a threat and you have to secure yourself from it.

Author: James Daniel

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