Published On: Wed, Mar 25th, 2020

Jacksonville property claim lawyer

Do you have a property in Jacksonville, Florida, that has recently undergone some damages (fire, hurricane, water leak, wind, or pipe burst), and your insurance company doesn’t want to pay the money you need to cover these damages? Don’t worry; you need not lose sleep over the matter because you’re not alone. It isn’t the first time that a property owner in Jacksonville will experience this with their insurance company. Let’s take a look at some of the things you can do to get them to change their mind.

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Why might your claim be declined?

First and foremost, why do you think the company is refusing to accept the claim to shoulder the financial responsibilities that come with your property damage? Before we go into the discussion of what you can do to have your claims honored, it is important that we first understand why the claim was declined in the first place. Here are some of the reasons why a claim could be rejected.

  • Incorrect information: In a bid to aid their case and improve their story, many property owners go as far as exaggerating or understating the details of the events leading to a damage, unbeknown to them that the insurance company will investigate the incidents thoroughly. Giving wrong information at any stage of your claim could hamper your chances of getting the claim.
  • Not complying with the terms of the policy: Your insurance claim might get turned down if the company discovers that the loss or damage has been incurred due to lack of good care. For example, leaving valuables on display in your car or your mobile phone on the bus might mean you’re not covered under the terms of the policy. Simply put, the insurer will refuse to pay you if they discover that the loss was your fault. 
  • False information upon application: While filling your application form, if you’ve failed to mention or given a wrong information about some things, your claim might be rejected when a damage does happen. For example, whether intentionally or not, you might not have told the company about a pre-existing leak in your window or a weak siding in your roof. 

What to do if you feel your claim has been unfairly rejected

As mentioned above, an insurance company would always have a reason for rejecting a claim. And in accordance with the insurance laws in Florida, Jacksonville included, they are obliged to inform you of the rationale behind your claim rejection. However, whether this reason is rational enough is another thing entirely. But if you get your rejection notice and you don’t find it to be too convincing, you can do any of the following.

Carefully take a look at all the information in your policy to see whether the facts fit with the reasons they’ve stated for rejecting your claim. 

  • Are the details you gave from the start really accurate? If so, note this down.
  • Note down or highlight the exact wording in your policy that says you’re covered – you’ll need it later.
  • If the wording is ambiguous or poorly explained, note that down too. Your insurance company is duty-bound to give you clear information.
  • New rules state that an insurance company can’t reject your claim if you took reasonable care to answer all their questions honestly and to the best of your knowledge. If your insurer didn’t ask for the information they now say you should have voluntarily disclosed, note that down too.
  • Find any other documentation that relates to your policy. It could be a letter, a notification message, or anything else.

Contact them

Once you’re done evaluating your policy and putting all the pieces together, you can now go ahead to contact them. Depending on which works for you, you can choose to put a call through to them, or you can send a formal letter of complaint.

When you call or send a letter to them, be sure to state clearly why you feel your claim has been wrongfully rejected. With all the pieces you’ve pulled together, present to them evidence to back your complaints up. 

Bring in an attorney

But if after all these, they still don’t budge, then you may have to bring in someone who speaks their language – a Jacksonville property claim lawyer. With the assistance of a property claim attorney, you will be able to get to the bottom of the matter in a more efficient manner, and your claim will be honored.

But, of course, hiring a property claim attorney at the early stages of the case might make for a more drastic result. In any case, you can find a reputable property claim attorney here on this website. Reach out today and get your property claims settled. 

Author: Uday Tank

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