Published On: Wed, May 25th, 2022

5 Key Benefits Of Investing In Wall Mount Fans

Wall mount fans are a great alternative to ceiling fans in scenarios where it is impossible to install a ceiling fan. For instance, it is not feasible to install a ceiling fan in a room with a low hanging ceiling or else it might jeopardize the safety of the room occupants. Similarly, wall mount fans are preferred over pedestal fans in scenarios wherein there isn’t enough room space to install a pedestal fan. And last but important, wall mount fans can also help in ventilation. These are just some of the many benefits that wall mount fans offer. To know about the other benefits of wall fans, continue reading.

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Benefits of Wall-Mount Fans

Wall mount fans offer several benefits. Here are some of the most important ones.

1. They help in cooling every nook and corner of a room. 

Some rooms are too big for a ceiling fan to deliver air to their nooks and corners. The only option is to install more than one ceiling fan or to install a wall fan in strategic locations as it helps circulate air to those left-out corners of such rooms. 

2. They are easy to install.

Unlike ceiling fans which have a tedious installation process, wall mount fans are much easier to install. All one needs to do is hang them on a wall and simply plug and play. The good thing is that you can easily shift them from one wall to another.

3. They are energy-efficient. 

The best thing about wall fans is that besides being low cost, they further add to the savings by consuming very less power. The Speed Pro from Luminous India is one such fan that you can consider buying. It consumes only 55 Watts of power.

4. They come with a unique oscillation feature.

Wall-mount fans have an edge over the ceiling fans. Unlike ceiling fans, wall fans come with an oscillation feature that allows them to uniformly deliver air in a given space. Wall fans also offer personalized cooling. Simply turn off the oscillation mode and you are good to go. 

5. They can speed up an AC’s cooling.

The air conditioner takes time to cool a room. One of the reasons for it is the AC’s low power fan that cannot generate the required air thrust to quickly circulate air to all parts of a room. By using a wall fan in tandem with the air conditioner, it is possible to circulate the air faster thereby speeding up the AC’s cooling.

6. They are easy to maintain. 

Have you ever cleaned a ceiling fan?  If you have then you would know how tedious the entire process is. As the ceiling fan is installed at a height you not only need a ladder to clean the ceiling fan but you also need a helper to hold the ladder when you climb it and clean the fan. Wall fans can easily be cleaned as they are placed at lower heights. If required you may even unmount them, remove their cage and wipe off their blades to deep clean them.

Want to buy a good quality wall mount fan?

If you want to buy a good quality wall mount fan then you must check out the wide range of wall fans from Luminous India. It is one of the most trusted names in the home electrical space. The company is known for the superior build quality of its products, latest technological innovations, and reasonable prices. Moreover, the company also provides great after-sales support to its customers. It is for this reason that Luminous has 70 million-plus satisfied customers around the globe. So what are you waiting for? Go online and check out Luminous India’s wall fans, today!

Author: Amara Etter

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