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Yabuli Ski Resort

Would you like to ski in Yabuli? Get your visa for China first. 

Yabuli Ski Resort is located in the southeast of Shangzhi City, 193 kilometers away from Harbin. The original Russian name is Yabloni, meaning “fruit garden”. During the Qing Dynasty, it was a hunting enclosure for the royal family and the Manchu nobles. Yabuli Ski Resort is the largest ski resort in my country and the largest comprehensive snow training center in China. It is located in the remaining veins of Zhangguangcailing, a branch of the Changbai Mountains, and is surrounded by the vast hinterland of Daguogui Mountain, Erguogui Mountain and Sanguogui Mountain.

The ski resort was founded in 1980 and belongs to the Heilongjiang Provincial Sports Committee. It is mainly composed of five competitive and training venues, including alpine ski resorts, freestyle ski resorts, ski jumping resorts, cross-country ski resorts and biathlon ski resorts. Tourist ski resort composition. The ski center is divided into two major ski areas: one is the Yabuli Athletic Ski Resort, which is mainly used to hold international and domestic competitions, and can also be used by skiers with intermediate and advanced skiing skills; the other area is the Fengcheshanzhuang Ski Resort, mainly for different Level skiers conduct touring skiing and general competition skiing.

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Yabuli Ski Resort

Yabuli Ski Resort is composed of Windmill Resort, National Sports Commission, Transportation Resort, Daqingshan Ski Resort, Communication Resort, Dianli Resort, Yunding Mountain Resort, Yawangsi, Haohanbo Ski Resort, and farmhouse, located in the east of Heilongjiang Province Within Shangzhi City, it is 193 kilometers away from Harbin and 120 kilometers away from Mudanjiang City. The extreme minimum temperature here is -44, the average temperature is -10, the snow cover period is 170 days, and the skiing period is nearly 150 days. The best skiing period here is from mid-November to late March.

Yabuli Ski Resort Hotel has 9 star-rated hotels such as Olympic Hotel, News Hotel, Antarctic Hotel, Yawansi Hotel, Windmill VIP Building, Farmhouse Courtyard (Fire-Kang), Communication Villa, etc., including Yawansi Hotel and Broadcasting International Hotel It is decorated in accordance with a 5 stars hotel. The Windmill VIP Building is equivalent to a 4-star hotel. The Olympic Athletics Center is a unit directly under the National Provincial Sports Bureau. It is a quasi-four-star hotel established to welcome the 2009 World University Winter Games. It is the main venue of the 2009 World University Winter Games. A quasi-four-star business resort hotel designed and built by skiing, sightseeing, and traveling guests. The Yabuli News Hotel was used to receive journalists during the 3rd Asian Winter Games in 1996, and this name has been in use until 2020. The news building can accommodate 120 people, and the restaurant can accommodate 200 people at the same time. Dianli Hotel, located in the center of Asia’s largest ski resort Yabuli Tourism Resort, integrates dining, accommodation, entertainment, leisure and vacation, and is suitable for hosting various meetings. Different hotels have the same enthusiasm. Each hotel can book ski resort tickets, bringing unexpected surprises to your travel life.


The facilities of Yabuli Ski Resort are very complete, with a total of 17 junior, middle and advanced ski trails. Its alpine ski trails are the longest in Asia. There are also 5 kilometers of circular cross-country ski trails and special trails for snowmobiles and sleds in the ski resort. There are 3 chairlifts, 3 towing ropeways and 1 handle-type ropeway. The ski resort also has a number of modern ski resort machinery and equipment such as snow machines, snow presses, and snowmobiles; the ski trails are equipped with multiple chair lifts and traction ropeways. Skiers can take the ropeway from any place without taking off. Drop the snowboard and slide all the slopes in the field.


No matter in terms of the number, length, drop or other ski facilities and comprehensive service level, Yabuli Ski Resort is far better than other ski resorts in China. It is undoubtedly the best ski resort in China. This is the best venue for competitive skiing and tourist skiing. It successfully held all the snow projects of the third Asian Winter Games in 1996. It is also the permanent venue of the China 

Yabuli Ski Resort is located 193 kilometers east of Harbin and 120 kilometers from Mudanjiang City. Yabuli was originally called Yabuloni, which means “fruit garden” in Russian. During the Qing Dynasty, it was once a hunting enclosure for the royal family and the Manchu nobles. Yabuli Snow Mountain is densely forested, with an altitude of 137.4 meters and an average annual temperature of 2-10°C. In winter, the depth of snow under the mountain is 30-50 cm, and the snow on the mountain is about one meter thick, with good snow quality and moderate hardness. The annual snow accumulation period is 170 days and the ski period is 120 days. It is the best place for competitive skiing and tourist skiing in my country.

The tourist ski area, Windmill Mountain Villa, is a world-class tourist ski resort and Four Season Resort Villa invested and constructed by China International Futures Brokerage Co., Ltd. as a developer. It is open to tourists from home and abroad throughout the year. From February 4th to 11th, 1996, it served as the Yabuli Athlete Village for the 3rd Asian Winter Games and received snow sports athletes from Asian countries and tourists from home and abroad.

Yabuli Tourist Ski Resort (Sino-U.S. joint venture) is the first large-scale tourist ski resort in China that meets international standards. It has 15 high, middle and primary ski trails, one cross-country ski trail, with a total length of 30 kilometers, and three tourist ski lifts. , With the world’s longest 260-meter summer slide (dry sled) introduced by Germany, providing tourists with alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, sled skiing, snowmobiles, dog sledding, horse-drawn sleds, lake skating, Snowman, snow fireworks and bonfire party and other entertainment projects. There is also a children’s ski entertainment area and a windmill traditional ski area. At the same time, there are ski rental shops and ski schools. There are many bars, fast food restaurants, shopping centers, Red Cross rescue stations on the top, side and bottom of the mountain, as well as international and domestic long-distance telephone and satellite TV service facilities.

Windmill Villa has a vast area and pleasant scenery in four seasons. The windmill villas with different styles reproduce the classic windmills of various countries since the 14th century. One to ten neo-classical windmills form the “Son of the Earth” windmill, which has the function of generating electricity and flooding. Windmill Villa integrates architectural art and environmental art, and is called the “World Windmill Museum”.

Yabuli Ski Resort is very convenient in transportation. It is 13.8 kilometers away from Harbin, and the running time is about two hours and thirty minutes; it is 120 kilometers away from Mudanjiang Airport, and the running time is about one hour and thirty minutes. The “high-grade ski resort highway” from Harbin to Yabuli has now been opened, making it extremely fast and convenient for tourists to take a vacation.

The annual Mayflower Appreciation Festival and Heilongjiang International Ski Festival are more frequent:

Wuhua Mountain Viewing Festival

Autumn is the most beautiful season of the year in Yabuli. The “Wuhuashan” viewing festival of Heilongjiang forest in late September every year kicks off at Yabuli Windmill Resort. At the same time, “Chasing the “Wuhuashan” Self-driving Longjiang River” activity and “Heilongjiang Autumn Travel Photography Exhibition” are also officially held at Yabuli Windmill Resort. start up. Wuhuashan Ornamental Festival was founded in 1999 and has been successfully held for 7 sessions.

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