Published On: Thu, Nov 3rd, 2022

When do you need a Divorce Lawyer

Making a decision to have a divorce is never an easy thing to do especially when there are children involved. However if you are completely set upon your decision to get a divorce, the next you may need to consider is getting a divorce lawyer. While it is true that the less you involve a court in your decision, the more smoothly your divorce would go but depending upon the situation, sometimes this is inevitable. Resolving legal issues and decisions if your partner is cooperative shouldn’t be a problem. These issues mainly include

  1. Child custody
  2. Child Support
  3. Alimony
  4. Property division

If you and your partner are able to work out these issues without having to involve a third party, then you can benefit from a lot of aspects like saving time and money for both of you. Moreover you can also share the children and smoothly transition them without much challenges. After you both have worked out your settlements you could simply request the court to grant you divorce. This would be referred to as an uncontested divorce. An uncontested divorce may not even require you to show up in court depending upon the state you’re from. 

Some states may have it as a mandatory requirement to hold a hearing especially when minor children may be involved.

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While you may not necessarily need a lawyer for an uncontested divorce but it is always advisable to consult one in looking through your divorce agreement. They can ensure that your rights are protected and that you don’t miss out on any issues that may be problematic in the future. For each situation you may need to work out the right attorney for you. You need to know the attorney you’d want in order to fight for you in court and the ones you would need to reach a settlement. Depending upon the situation your demands may differ. 

When you may need a Divorce Lawyer

Many times divorces tend to occur because of hostile situations between you and your partner. One of the most common types of situations for divorce are domestic abuse and cheating issues. In issues like those, it is inevitable that the divorce would go down smoothly without having to involve the court. Therefore you would definitely need a divorce lawyer by your side to fully exercise your rights considering they have experiential knowledge of marital laws. 

Some of the reasons that you may need a Divorce Lawyer may be

  1. Domestic abuse of any sort, physical, mental or emotional abuse is involved
  2. Cheating or lying issues from your spouse to the point of being vindictive
  3. Your spouse has hired an attorney against you
  4. Your divorce includes complicated decisions like children and child support
  5. Your divorce includes complicated financial issues and joint property 
  6. You fear that you will be met with violence or harm 
  7. You fear that your spouse may snatch or harm your children
  8. You fear your spouse wouldn’t let you withdraw your money from any joint accounts
  9. You need to file for a restraining order for your safety
  10. Your partner is not willing to give you divorce 


You should definitely consult a divorce attorney before making the final decision of settlement to ensure that your rights are well protected. In cases where you are unable to afford a divorce lawyer you can contact your local aid legal office. An attorney may be able to guide you better through the whole process of divorce especially if there are complicated issues involved. They can help you get restraining orders from any violent partner and protect you and your children legally.  Moreover they help you with the complicated financial aspects as well.

Start the process of dissolution by contacting an experienced Divorce Lawyer.

Author:  Elizabeth Mia

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