Published On: Mon, Jan 2nd, 2017

What Do You Pay For in Expert Vintage Inspection?

Vintage vehicles have a knack that is irreplaceable making the car highly sought after by its lovers. If you are a lover of vintage cars then you know that getting one in good condition can be tricky and the inspection of a prospective car relatively high compared to other cars. The cost implications of vintage inspections arise because of the following:

  1. Car search

Often, an inspector will have to find the vintage cars that they recommend to you. Getting a car that was manufactures before 1996 is quite the challenge and there are costs associated with finding the best car for you. If a car has more details, then it means that it needs extra care and finding such a car is quite expensive.

2. Inspection

Since a vintage car has been in existence for a long time, there is a higher chance that the most important details of the car aren’t in great shape. You will therefore for thorough inspections into the current state of the car, and any past repairs.

The main elements captured during repairs include the condition of the body and the paint, presence of cracks, scratches, rust, or dents, state of the tires and wheels, underbody checks, glass exams, lights, previous accident damage, engine inspection, drive-line components, and review of mechanical and ownership records. These are comprehensive and by checking out the Lemon Squad website, you will learn more about the inspections.

3. Authentication of VIN and body plates

The mechanical and ownership records have details about the VIN and plate numbers but, an inspection by the experts will go beyond what is presented on paper to know if the car’s details are authentic. These details will protect you from legal action and financial losses later on.

4. Road test

This is because some problems can only be seen after the car runs. If, after inspection it is ascertained that the car is street safe and legal, and if the weather is safe, the evaluations will be verified by a 10-mile road test. It is important to know if the car can still run and if there are any hidden problems with the car.

This is part of the comprehensive inspection and the transmission will also be tested during the test run and the details of the car’s performance will be presented to you in the report.

Author: Barrack Diego

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