Published On: Sat, Jun 13th, 2020

Tips for Writing a Winning Resume

Skills, education, and experience all put together in a winning resume goes a long way in helping you secure your dream job. Resume writing requires essential writing proficiency. Your resume is that one thing that puts you in a positive light before your potential employer, even in your absence. It is the beginning of your journey to the company and the workforce of your dream. A well-written resume offers that opportunity to give a first and lasting impression. Your resume can come in different models as related to the position you are applying for or the requirements of the organization. Still, it boils down to being professional and qualitative.

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We desire to help you get the most out of your professional journey, so we have put together the following tips to help put that catchy and professional resume together:


  • Skip career objectives when writing your resume


 Applying for the position already shows that you are interested in the role. Therefore remove information about your career objective from your resume. You can explain your professional goals and objectives in your cover letter. However, your resume can comprise an introductory summary, especially if you are changing industries.


  • Vital information must be delivered succinctly


 A resume should be engaging, yet it must not lose conciseness. Give only necessary information about your current or past job and experiences. Be brief and concise in relating your knowledge, skill, and education in the resume. 

The resume is a summary so resist the temptation of writing a memoir. Give your employer vital information to help them see if you are a good fit.


  • Write in understandable and explicit terms


Write your resume in simple terms that are easy for recruiters to read. Since your resume might be accessed while you are absent, you need to put all information together in clear fonts and layouts.

 Avoid unprofessional design and fonts, stick to easy to read, interactive, and simple fonts. 

Outline work experience and education in bullet points with headlines—for example, “Marketing Executive: Organized the marketing department to execute marketing plans”. 

It is best you also avoid writing in first or third person format.

Professionally written resume always differs from the self-written version and is found to be highly rated, so consider using professional resume writing services

Generally, grammatical errors should not be on your application hence the need for a careful review.

Do a grammar check before submitting the resume. Take note of some grammatical errors while writing your resume and make necessary corrections.


  • Take note of evolving trends with regards to resume writing


Get acquainted with the change in professional resume writing. For instance, a new model of resume demands you leave out some private information about yourself, including, age, marital status, and religion. It also specifies that you use postal codes rather than your exact address.


  • Comply with the Employer’s instructions


 Different recruiters give specific instructions along with their advertisements. Please pay attention to these instructions as it is part of your journey to employment. Pay strict attention to submission formats, address guides, and any other specified direction outlined. 

Author: Maria Andreas

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