Published On: Thu, Jul 22nd, 2021

The Examples and Benefits of How AI Changes Businesses

More and more enterprises are adopting and implementing different types of artificial intelligence (AI) into their operations to help increase revenue, customer engagement, as well as decrease operational expenses. 

When AI is integrated into a business, it helps companies and organizations work more efficiently. Other than the improvements on management and operations, AI also has a major impact when it comes to raising brand awareness.

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There are countless of advantages when you adopt AI into your business, and the best way to learn more about it is through real examples. Read on to learn artificial intelligence consulting can help businesses in creating better decisions, shaping their future.


  • Koodos 


Koodos is a startup company from Harvard Business School, putting focus on building content curation technology based on user-generated data.

The company’s business model depends on understanding relationships between different sets of data, with their first project involving matching music with emojis. Users had to text an emoji to their number, then they will receive a song recommendation.

While this project worked successfully, it was challenging to analyze product performance to know the progress of their experiments without the use of AI tools back then.

With AI, Koodos will be able to unify data, receiving insights on their experiments’ performances and using the insights to create better products.

With excellent AI consulting, they began implementing it to the business. The first thing they did was to set up AI as the central repository for their product log data. Koodos utilized the collected data for running queries, to follow with building dashboards to directly sets of data in real-time. Doing this made it even easier to identify the trends and relationships. 

For instance, in the emoji project, the company saw that the sad emoji had the most song suggestions, which is what make them understand that Gen Z has more songs to recommend to sad individuals compared to happier ones. 

With the collected data insights, it helped the company build a great content curation product, with AI helping them prove how their product works well.


  • New York Shipping Exchange 


NYSHEX is a shipping company focused on improving overseas shipping. The company’s operations are going successfully with the help of AI.

This is because the company used to extract data from cloud apps and propriety apps, importing them to Microsoft Excel. This was a very tedious process with only a few people having access to the data and the engineering team executing most, if not all, requests.

That is where Chartio comes along, an AI-based tool helping people who have little to no coding knowledges to better understand analyses. This tool allows people to run queries, create reports, and prepare dashboards.

Today, the company has efficient operations as all employees can access data in real-time, acting on it right away. That way, people can make smart decisions quickly without wasting so much time and effort.



  • CareLinx


CareLinx is an in-home care network that connects over 300,000 caregivers. They took their next step to grow with medical AI, with the goal of improving their customer service. 

The company services their clients better using protected health information, which is very sensitive. Because of this, they require a HIPAA-compliant AI tool. Before establishing the AI-powered solution, there were two systems: a manual system for PHI data and an AI for non-PHI data.

When wanting to conduct business analysis, they needed to filter out the PHI data to stay compliant, leading to incomplete information on who they serve. This is why the dual-system approach wasn’t as efficient as they thought when CareLinx was preparing to expand their business nationwide. 

Chartio was then adopted by the company as the AI tool for the non-PHI data. Once this AI tool became HIPAA-compliant, the tool opened a ton of opportunities for CareLinx. 

Today, anyone in the company can obtain data safely to understand who they are working for better. Regardless of how big CareLinx is, they provide personal attention to all their clients by using an HIPAA-compliant AI tool. 

Wrapping It Up

After learning about the different advantages of using AI, you can see that they are all covered from one factor: Easy access to data to bring in more people.

AI creates the need for people to analyze important data, helping a lot of businesses build even better relationships with their customers, improve their offerings, and grow their business wisely.

With the right AI tools, you learn how to keep your teams and departments aligned, minimize time spent reporting, and you get to optimize the technology stack. 

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