Published On: Thu, Oct 14th, 2021

The Benefits Of Becoming A Commercial Airline Pilot

Pilots are among the most respected professionals in the world. People view them as professionals. Although they undergo many years of training, it is a rewarding career. The financial benefits associated with plane captains are encouraging. There are several reasons why you might want to make flying your career of choice.

The Salary Is Amazing

Commercial airline pilots make good money. Their employers value their service and reward it handsomely, up to $60,000 annually. Some experienced captains take home upwards of $250,000 yearly.

The Profession Has a Lucrative Retirement Plan

With their retirement well planned, pilots are well taken care of by their employers.

Once you join the club, you can expect anything from a 401(k) plan to even better pension plans. All the hours you spent as a pilot worrying about your passengers will surely pay off in your later years.

You Get Great Medical Benefits

Even better health benefits usually accompany lucrative salaries and allowances. The health of the captain is of vital importance to the employer. Therefore, pilots have the best health insurance covers in the market. Most health insurance covers dental and vision as well.

Travel And Work All In One

We all have dream cities but sometimes never get to visit them. This may be because of financial or work-related factors, but this is never the case for a pilot. Working for them means moving from one marvelous city to the next for free.

They get to see cities they might have never seen as they do their job. What is even better is that they get to rest in the best hotels at the employer’s expense.

Your Family Gets A Travel Pass

Pilots have families whom they might want to take on vacation. An average person would need to book and pay for a flight to travel. However, pilots do not go through this financially tiresome process. 

Their employer has a special consideration where they allow the pilot’s family to fly free of charge. This will significantly reduce your vacation costs if you ever choose flying as a career. 

Your children will get the flying experience without you paying a dime. Some employers are so generous they let you bring onboard your friends for free as well.

The Work Schedule is Relatively Flexible

For most people, work means arriving at 9 am and leaving at 5 pm. However, this does not imply to pilots since they have flexible work schedules. What is even better is that they sometimes get to choose their work schedules. We all dream of this kind of lifestyle, but unfortunately, we cannot all be pilots.

You Get to Travel Your Entire Life

After retirement, as a sendoff package, a pilot can fly with the airline for free all their life. This means you can make flying a hobby at no cost. Some people save money so they can travel when they retire. Why not just become a pilot.

Your Vacations Are Paid For

Aside from the generous pay and multiple benefits, pilots get to have their vacations paid for by their employers. The senior members of the club get the most out of this offer.

It Is An In-Demand Career

Statistics indicate the shortage of these essential professionals. The shortage is worldwide, so you can always be sure to have a job. Most professions do not have such an advantage.

You Get To Meet New People From All Over

Since you will be traveling most of the time, you can meet different kinds of people globally. This will suit you better if you are a social person. You will get to learn about other cultures.

Challenging Yourself

This career, in particular, requires constant learning. Every flight is an opportunity to learn something different. While in the air, everything is in your hands, therefore, this should give you the adrenaline you need. No flight is similar to the other, so every time, a new you is needed. This kind of challenge is enough to keep anyone on their toes.

Do You Want to Become a Pilot?

The benefits that come with this career are tempting, and most people might want to jump in. However, there are several factors about the job to consider before studying how to become a pilot.

Can You Work Under Pressure?

Very many lives will be in your hands. You will need to have extraordinary stress management capabilities. The conditions during a flight are unpredictable and will need immense concentration to maneuver through. The working hours are also sometimes long since some flights are considerably long. You are expected to endure through this without losing focus even for a second.

The Work Schedule May Vary

If you are the kind of person who wants to spend every night at home, then this might not be the job for you. It is not common for pilots to spend several nights out on assignments. The working schedules are sometimes unpredictable due to various reasons, so you should expect anything anytime. Your family should also be ready to accept the new reality.

You Will Not Mind Constant Learning

The aviation industry is in constant evolution. There are more and better planes in this modern era. This means that pilots will need to keep up with the emerging trends in their line of work. However, this can prove expensive, but as discussed above, it is worth it. Some employers even cover the re-training costs for their pilots, so it might not be that expensive.

The benefits that come with flying are many and desirable. The training required for this job is, however, quite demanding and expensive. However, this will be forgotten once you start receiving your paychecks and benefits. Also, the requirements for the job are tight.

Author: Brenda Vollman

2010 photo/Lasse Fuss

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