Published On: Tue, Jan 17th, 2017

Rise in worldwide student plagiarism – Is the internet to be blamed?

With the millions of websites which are readily available and with the numerous Wikipedia entries and student essays, the internet is usually touted to be one of the biggest drives behind plagiarism. But the role of internet in increasing academic fraud might not be totally justified as the plagiarism levels were even higher in the pre-internet era. As per a paper published in the Journal of Academic Ethics, when randomly selected 184 doctoral dissertations which were written before 1994 were compared with those 184 papers written in 2012, it was seen that around half of each group had some unattributed material. In fact, the similarity index of the older papers was higher than the recent ones.

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Saudi Arab teachers see a growing trend of plagiarism among students

A growing number of university teachers have expressed great concern regarding the latest trend among Saudi Arabia university students who copy academic materials while delivering their research work. The academic universities of Saudi Arabia acknowledged the issue and said that the Saudi universities didn’t achieve success in educating their students regarding the unethical practice and they never alerted them about the negative upshots. Yahya Aldolhmi, an eminent lecturer of King Saudi University said plagiarism is a habit among all students and Saudi students are no exception. Though there are ways of using the online plagiarism checker to check whether or not the copies are exactly the same, yet this bars them from learning the actual thing.

What drives the students to copy from the internet?

While there are some students who plagiarize as they’re totally ignorant of what constitutes plagiarism, there are some others who copy due to other reasons altogether. There are some who don’t have enough knowledge or training on the ethics associated with academics and hence they downplay the risk of misconduct. Poor language skill is another reason behind plagiarism. With the increasing number of students who go to the university without acquiring good enough skills, they don’t feel they could be prepared enough for writing academic papers in a professional way. Again there are others who are least bothered about a degree and care less about intellectuality. Last, but not the least, the academic system in Saudi Arabia doesn’t have an established, strict and clear policy against plagiarism.

Consequences of plagiarism

  • Student reputation gets hampered: Allegations of plagiarism can suspend or expel a student. The ethics offense could be reflected in their academic record and can even bar the student from entering college and high school.
  • Tarnished professional reputation: A professional politician, business man or a public figure may find that the harm caused due to plagiarism will follow you throughout your career.
  • Legal consequences: The legal consequences can also be pretty serious as copyright laws are absolute and strict. Someone can’t use another person’s materials even for reference and citation. Being a writer, plagiarism is a crime to your ethics.

Therefore, whenever you are preparing some academic document or writing some web content, make sure you don’t copy it from other resources in order to avoid plagiarism.

Author: Lolita Di

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