Published On: Fri, Apr 24th, 2020

New recruitment trends in 2020 you can look ahead to

Recruitment – like every other domain- is not stagnant. What trends would we expect in terms of the recruitment area is concerned in 2020? You would agree with us when we claim that the scenario with respect to recruitment has gone through a huge change over the last decade. Some of these changes have really been extremely powerful.

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New Recruitment Trends in 2020 

Recruitment has been one of the prime areas that have received a huge enhancement. The concept of recruitment has gained a lot of improvement with the focus on technology. The technology enhancement has been one of the prime elements that have brought ahead a huge range of advancements.

Focus on Company Culture 

The company culture has been one of the prominent options and one of the trending topics in the upcoming year. In fact, a survey from the Glassdoor agency indicates that more than 50 per cent of the respondents said that the company culture is one of the most important factors one would expect to gain importance in the sphere of new recruitments. 

Make sure that your company culture is visible to the jobseekers. It should be visible on almost every one of your job advertisements, career pages and vacancies. Ensure that the candidates tend to align with the core values of your corporate culture and offer you access to an enhanced experience. 

Diversity in employment

The diversity in the workforce is one of the excellent options you would want to focus on. Hiring women and other minority people would make it one of the prominent options ever. The organizations that hire a diverse workforce have been assumed to be achieving a better industry average in terms of positive performance.

A reliable and robust ATS such as Greenhouse applicant tracking system can help you get access to robust control over the right type of talent pool. Do ensure that you abide by the right percentage of employee diversity. Check your job descriptions to find if there are any of the terms that are discriminatory to women or minorities. Avoid those circumstances. 

Soft skills have become more in tune

Of course, that does not mean the hard skills are no longer needed. The hard skills do rule the roost even today, but there has been a focus on the soft skills as well. The soft skills have become quite essential assets and have been valuable to an extent more than what they commanded a few years ago. 

Skills such as communication, empathy and compatibility have been a few compelling options you would find rather impressive. This has more to do perhaps with the company culture. A good deal of soft skills can be very useful for the employees and employers alike. It helps them adapt themselves to the changing scenarios and thus work efficiently in any flexible organizational structure. The year 2020 is expected to find more focus on the social and emotional skills.

Social media as a recruitment tool 

Social media has been one of the most powerful channels and has been playing a huge role in almost every walk of our lives. Remember the recruitment scenario just a decade ago? It was more of a word of mouth task, or at the most an advertisement in local or national newspapers. But, today, social media has become one of the huge influencers. 

The Internet has now opened the gates for the general public beyond boundaries. Something that was limited to the corporates and government organizations has now moved ahead to be part of a whole universe. There are several areas that social media is set to change the scenario for. Platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook are a few good examples from that perspective. The possibility of targeting and winning over the candidates would be much more relaxed and simpler.

Increased level of candidate experience 

The recruitment market has now shifted to be more candidate-driven. If you are an employee who is looking to stay afloat in a genuinely competitive market, you should obviously need to focus on prioritizing the candidate experience. That way, you would be able to get access to the best possible talent pool ever.

Surveys have indicated that more than 80 per cent of the candidates like an excellent recruitment experience. As long as the candidate is happy with the recruitment process, they are most likely to accept the recruitment offer. Just ensure that you give a serious thought to improving your candidate experience. That way, you would be able to keep up with the best talent pool ever.

Well, that was how the recruitment scenario is looking ahead to improve. In fact, the corporate and recruitment trends are moving towards a positive direction. The policies are set to become more humane. The corporate culture has been moving towards a more positive attitude, and that should indeed be one of the massive plus points we are looking ahead to.

Author: Kamlesh Kumar


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