Published On: Fri, Jun 12th, 2015

‘Jurassic World’ is exciting ‘Jurassic Park’ sequel with amazing effects

It took 22 years for fans to get an exciting and worthy sequel to the 1993 classic Jurassic Park, but Jurassic World is just that and much, much more. Bigger dinosaurs, better effects, a new cast and a ton of Easter eggs for the uber-fans.

Jurassic World is now the Disney with dinos, open to 20,000 visitors daily with Bryce Dallas Howard as Claire, the stressed out executive trying to juggle rising costs and demands for “bigger and scarier” attractions.

jurassic-world-chris-pratt-lookiing upThe genetically “created” Indominus Rex much smarter and dangerous than expected and the expert animal handling Owen (Chris Pratt) leads the humans in this search-and-rescue adventure to get everyone safe (and hopefully off of the island.)

Director Colin Trevorrow repeatedly nods to the Steven Spielberg classic, sometimes obviously, sometimes not so much, but keeps the faithful tone of the original in tone, music and character subplots.

The trailers reveal of ton of the surprises, particularly the goliath Mosasaur which feeds on a great white shark, but the creators managed not to spoil “all” of the surprises. That said, Jurassic World is predictable, but a fun joy ride – perfect for the summertime moviegoers.

Nick Robinson Ty Simpkins Jurassic World photo theme parkTy Simpkins and Nick Robinson stars as the obligatory kids thrust into harm’s way (what Spielberg film doesn’t have a few) with Irrfan Khan and Vincent D’Onofrio as the foils contributing to the chaos the humans always do.

Pratt is more than just Star-Lord battling a T-Rex and the plot holes move faster than the raptors trying to gnaw on a thigh bone. Jake Johnson steals every scene as both comic relief and the voice of reason – should have had a couple of more scenes IMO.

Pterodactyls are scary, an ankylosaurus has an interesting fight scene and the raptor “team” is much more believable and entertaining that expected.

Overall Jurassic World receives 3 1/2 stars out of 5 stars

Fans of the franchise will love the film, but families need to be cautioned that the intensity and frights may be a bit much for the younger fans. Add a star for the popcorn movie lovers and subtract a star if you take these movies “too seriously.”

CHris Pratt raptors Jurassic World movie poster


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