Published On: Wed, Jan 13th, 2021

How to Organize a Virtual Launch in 2021

Hundreds of businesses have put off launching products and services in 2020 due to disruption caused by the coronavirus. Thousands more have held their marks on the start line of their own individual journeys, waiting for the right time to launch as the world braced itself against successive lockdowns and outbreaks of the virus. Now that we’re entering 2021, though, and we’re distributing vaccines to the virus, you can launch your project with the confidence that, before the year’s out, we’ll have returned to some semblance of normality. Until then, a virtual launch will be necessary – and here’s how you’ll do it. 

Social Media Buzz

The buzz and excitement that you’re usually able to generate in the offline world – in your office, with your family and friends, and amongst investors and business partners – is now going to have to be curated online. This ultimately means that you’re going to have to get your staff excited about sharing details about your launch far in advance of the launch itself. Create marketing materials – like short videos, animations, and illustrations – to help promote your event – and share them far and wide on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter – and, of course, LinkedIn.

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The Event

There are various ways to launch a virtual event. You can either decide to host the entire thing via webinar, on which case you’ll be using your webcams to livestream a venue or speakers to whoever turns up to view your launch online. Or, you can go with a specialist company that’s used to working on virtual and online launches and events. The likes of DB Pixelhouse, with their Virtual Event Platform, are experienced in offering bespoke tools and advice to those launching online, which might be just what you need if you’re concerned and unsure of how to best go about creating an online event. 


Who will come to your online launch? And why will they come? And, another important question: who do you want to come? When you launch a product or a business, you might be principally concerned with getting into the public eye – in which case you want trade journalists and local magazines and newspapers to be able to cover your event. Other firms might be interested in creating a party atmosphere for staff, partners, friends, and family. What is your objective with your launch event? Invite accordingly, and make sure your invite is persuasive so that you get as many attendees as possible 


While online events tend to be relatively well attended if you’ve created the right amount of buzz, it’s still important that you record your event – as plenty of people will not find the time to be able to attend your event live. This is especially true of the new work from home era when committing to an event is beginning to feel strange and alien. When you record your event, you’ll be able to take out snippets of it for your marketing material in the future, too – so it’s well worth getting a high-quality recording going as soon as possible. 

There you have it: four quick and easy tips to help you organize your business’ online launch in 2021.

Author: Carol Trehearn

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