Published On: Tue, Jun 15th, 2021

Heaven-like Landscape: 10 Beautiful Flowers You Can Easily Grow In Garden

Attractive flowers give your garden a splendid look. They add a finishing touch to your landscape and capture the attention of your visitors. Most of these flowers can transform your space into an extraordinary garden full of colors and fragrances. From native blooms to common species you usually see, here are some of the most attractive flowers you can quickly grow in your garden. 


Without a doubt, roses are the favorite of many homeowners because of their stunning beauty. Roses provide a majestic shade in your landscape. They are also low-maintenance. Plant them in a sunny, well-drained spot. To ensure beautiful blooms, fertilize roses on a regular basis. 

Dinner Plate Dahlia

The dinner plate dahlia is a dahlia variety with large flowers. They are known for their various shapes and shades, making them perfect for your garden. Growing them is similar to growing other types of dahlias. 

Choose a sunny location to place these dahlias. These will allow them to grow and bloom. Since these plants can grow up to four feet tall, they should be planted in a spot where they won’t overshadow other flowers in your garden. 

photo Alyson Jones

Himalayan Poppy

Also known as Meconopsis betonicifolia, the Himalayan poppy makes an alluring bloom during late spring and early summer. To cultivate the Himalayan poppy in your garden, place it in a partially shaded spot and safe from strong winds. 

This flower highly requires rich and well-drained soil. Thus, make sure that your yard’s soil is ready before planting some. During the summer months, make sure to water them on a regular basis. 


Without a doubt, foxglove is one of the most beautiful flowers you can grow in your garden. Gardeners love its attractive tubular blossoms that create a beautiful shade in your garden. Most foxgloves can grow in any type of soil. However, they can grow fast if you plant them in moist, well-drained soil. 


Sunflowers are the symbol of summer beauty. Thus, without a doubt, this should be a part of your outdoor garden that can bring you a memorable summer feel. Sunflowers are known for their sun-like flower heads that face the sun. They are low-maintenance. However, there are still few necessary things that you should consider when planting them in your garden. 

Sunflowers require sunlight to grow. Hence, make sure the spot where you want to plant them receives plenty of sunlight. You also have to consider the variety of sunflowers you have selected. A huge type of sunflower may shade the surrounding blooms inside your landscape. 


Carnations are noted for their bright and pastel colors, as well as their sweet fragrance. Their irregular petal forms, which are incredibly soft to the touch, also make this garden flower popular. Carnations prefer sunlight over shades. Thus, when planting them, choose a spot that allows them to get enough sun exposure for at least four to six hours everyday. 

Bird Of Paradise

Despite its exotic look, the bird of paradise remains one of the most suggested flowers you can grow in your garden. These flowers can thrive in various situations as long as you protect them from cold. 

Make sure the solid doesn’t dry out too quickly when planting. This won’t allow the flowers to grow. Keep the soil wet and well-drained. During the spring and summer months, make sure that the flowers are well-watered and dry out slightly in winter.


Without a doubt, love-lies-bleeding creates a stunning centerpiece in your landscape. This variety of Amaranth is an annual that grows up to two feet long. They are also considered easy-to-grow annual plants. Plants blossom in full sun from July until frost. 

When planting, keep the soil moist, and sprouts will emerge between ten to fourteen days. They can thrive in rich soil with plenty of fertilizer, but they may also thrive in poor soil. The richer the soil, though, the taller the plants will grow.

Zygopetalum Orchid

Gardeners adore it not only for its amazing beauty and vibrant colors, which provide a lovely shade in your yard but also for its sweet fragrance. In humid environments, Zygopetalum orchids can thrive in partial shade, but they must be protected from high humidity and cold weather.


No one can deny the superb beauty of these flowers, which makes them perfect on your landscape. Cockscomb flowers are easy to grow from seed. These annuals come in various colors, including red, yellow, pink, purple, and orange. They can bloom in partial shade. Thus they can thrive when partially shadowed by other taller plants in your garden. 


Your garden is just a plain landscape without these beautiful flowers. Give your space a fresh, attractive shade and sweet fragrance with stunning garden flowers mentioned above. Most of them are widely known for their incredible beauty. Whether you opt for roses, dinner plate dahlias, or sunflowers, they can indeed transform your garden into a centerpiece of attraction. 

Author: Mabel Burnett

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