Published On: Thu, Jul 6th, 2023

Five Top Tips for Planning Your Wedding

You want to have a memorable wedding day, and to ensure this happens, you’re going to need to invest your energy and efforts into planning. You may not want to plan every single minute of your wedding day, but you’ll want to have overall plans that ensure that your big day runs as smoothly as possible. Quite often when you’re planning your wedding, you can let your heart overrule your head. Although this may be ok at times, sometimes you need to take a sensible and well-planned approach to make sure you get the wedding of your dreams.

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  • Set a Budget

How much are you looking to spend on your wedding, and how much can you afford to spend? Do you have a contingency that you can attach to your budget, and what does your budget cover? Are you going to have separate budgets for the reception and for the ceremony? Will you further breakdown the budget to cover décor, flowers, and favors? When you look at the average wedding cost of around $30,000, how does this stack up to the figure that you had in mind? Are you under what you thought, or are you going to have to find extra funds?

  • Choose a Venue

The venue will set the tone for your wedding. Finding an elegant event wedding venue doesn’t have to be hard or stressful. Looking at reviews and recommendations and thinking about what you want will help you to make the right choice. When you’re choosing a venue, look at more than just the cost. Look at what else is on offer. For instance, are you getting food and drinks included when you hire a venue or a room? Are you getting access to entertainers or entertainment? 

  • Have a Theme

Of course, your wedding doesn’t have to have a theme if you don’t want one, but sometimes it can make planning a little bit easier. A floral theme, a royal theme, a nautical theme, or even a theme based on your favorite color can work well. When you have a theme, you have direction and focus for your wedding and this can be great, especially when you’re keeping to a budget.

  • Seek Support and Guidance

Wedding planning and organization can be stressful, even if you’re planning it a year or more in advance. To help relieve and alleviate this stress and anxiety, you need to seek support and guidance. Reach out to friends and family for their support and reach out to others who’ve planned their own wedding. Online support forums and wedding support groups can help you stay on top of your stress levels.

  • Give Yourself a Break

If you’re not careful, you can find that wedding planning and preparation can end up consuming you. It can end up taking over every waking thought that you have, and it can end up negatively impacting your relationship. Learn to take regular breaks when you’re planning and learn to share and delegate some of the responsibility.

Author: Carol Trehearn

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