Published On: Sat, Jul 18th, 2015

Fight your fear of hospitals: it could save your life

When you see hospitals through the prism of the media, it’s no wonder you view them as little more than germ-infested harbourers of superbugs. Every day, a new headline states, “MRSA SCARE IN HOSPITALS!” or “SUPERBUG EXTRAVAGANZA!”

It’s enough to put you off hospitals altogether. Indeed, for some it does – the fear of these towering medical institutions runs deep, and it can lead to disastrous results.

People evading treatment – whether from their local GP or a hospital – are at a high risk of illness or even death.

The only way to push those scare stories out of your head is to fight those fears head on.

So how can put your mind to rest?

Credits:   CDC/Janice Carr

Credits: CDC/Janice Carr

Wonder at waste

Waste facilities lie at the heart of healthcare. They stem the flow of bacteria and ensure those superbugs don’t crawl out of hospitals and into the world.

You’ve probably not considered just how rigorous a healthcare waste schedule is, but even a periphery look at these schedules can be enough to put your mind at ease.

Many hospitals, for the sake of transparency, will keep waste clearance information on their websites for you to check. If they’ve hired a private company (which many hospitals do for their cleaning services) then check that company’s site.

Acinetobacter baumannii Image/CDC/ Janice Haney Carr

Acinetobacter baumannii
Image/CDC/ Janice Haney Carr

Chances are you’ll be reassured by your findings. Most hospitals take great pains to stay spick and span – and free of germs.

It’s good to talk

Gone are the days when doctors and nurses had the interpersonal skills of a mop handle. Now, fostering an effective bedside manner is vital to the education of a medical professional.

If you’re still afraid of hospitals, then why not chat to a medical professional who can put your mind at ease?

Whether you’re in a ward awaiting treatment or simply an interested party, a doctor or nurse with some downtime will be more than happy to assuage your fears and take you through standard hygiene procedure.

All you have to do is ask.

Get personal

Even if you think everyone around you is filthier than a hippo in a mud bath, you don’t have to fester in your muck.

Nurses will clean you if you’re incapacitated in a hospital bed, but bringing a personal kit to keep yourself clean will always make you feel more at ease.

Largely, the fear of hospitals stems from a lack of control. You can’t control who’s walking through corridors, if they’ve washed their hands or if you have to come into contact with them.

Controlling your personal hygiene can remove some of that impotent feeling. When you’re in the driver’s seat, you’ll feel less fearful of circling bacteria.

Written by Kevin Fullerton

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