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Does CBD work for pain relief? All you need

CBD is one of the primary compounds found naturally in the cannabis Sativa plant. There are different forms of CBD, including isolate, full-spectrum, and broad-spectrum. Recently, companies have started producing CBD topicals, oils, gummies, and other forms of modified products.

People have reported using these products to relieve pains, depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders. In this post, we outline how CBD works and how it is used for reducing various pains.

Understanding CBD.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the common cannabinoids, a chemical compound naturally found in the cannabis plant. It does not cause the “high” feeling that is usually associated with marijuana. The “high” feeling is caused by a different compound called THC.

People experiencing chronic pains use CBD products, especially CBD oils, to relieve their symptoms. These products can be used to reduce;

  •         Inflammation.
  •         Pain.
  •         General discomfort associated with different health conditions.

Though there has been a slow uptake in studies about the effectiveness of CBD use to relieve pain due to the restriction of cannabis products, the research from other countries has been promising.

This chemical offers an alternative to those using other pain relievers like opioids that can lead to dependency and cause further health complications. The only CBD product available on the market approved by the Food and Drug Administration is the Epidiolex, a drug used in the treatment of epilepsy.

Other uses, including dry skin and STDs, will be part of future analysis.

Continue reading to discover more about the potential pain-relieving benefits of CBD. Also, you can discuss this with your doctor to see if this is a suitable alternative for you.

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CBD use for chronic pain relief.

Everybody has a cell-signaling system called the endocannabinoid system, ECS. And some studies have discovered that CBD interacts with the core elements of ECS receptors found in the brain and the immune system.

Receptors are small proteins found attached in the cells. The ECS receptors especially receive chemical signals from various stimuli helping your cells to respond appropriately. The response in the cells provides anti-pain and inflammatory effects that help with various pain management.

Therefore, it means that this substance may be helpful to people suffering from chronic pains, like chronic back pain. According to a medical review done in 2008 discovered that CBD products can be effectively used to relieve different pains such as neuropathic, fibromyalgia, and cancer pains without any side effects.

CBD use for cancer treatment relief.

CBD can also be used by people who have cancer. Different studies on mice have found that CBD leads to shrinking cancer cells. But also, studies in humans have shown the potential abilities of this product in controlling pains from cancer.

Also, the national cancer institute has always recommended CBD use as an option for alleviating chemotherapy side effects, like vomiting, pain, and vomiting. In a 2010 study for cancer-related pains, participants were given oral sprays with a combination of THC-CBD extracts and opioids.

The study discovered that the extract combination offered more pain-relieving symptoms than using opioids only.

CBD for migraine pain relief.

Though there are limited studies on CBD and migraine, the existing one combines its use alongside THC, not when used independently. Nevertheless, the use of this combination can lead to less acute pains for those suffering from migraine.

In this second phase of this study, participants consumed a mixture of two compounds. One combination contained no THC and less than 9% CBD. The other combination had 19% THC, and the doses were taken orally.

There was no imminent effect on pain for combinations below 100mg. But when the doses are increased to 200mg, the chronic pains are reduced by 55%. Those having cluster headaches also got relief from combinations of THC and CBD compounds.

Side effects of CBD.

CBD and its products do not cause significant risks to users since most of its components do not enter the blood system. However, there are other possible side effects of CBD you can experience depending on your immune system, such as.

  •   Fatigue.
  •   Changes in appetite.
  •   Weight variations.
  •   Diarrhea.

CBD products can interact with various OTC drugs, dietary supplements, and other prescription drugs.

Take caution if your CBD medication or other supplement contains a “grapefruit” warning since they can interfere with drug intake in the bloodstream.


Though there are still no conclusive studies on the effectiveness of CBD products on pain relief, different research has shown enough potential. These products might be helpful in pain management without causing interference which can lead to drug dependence and intoxication.

Before resorting to using these products, remember to talk to your doctor for conclusive advice on their use.

 Author: Beryl Miller

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